What Sally Bee did next! …

I was so thrilled to get a line this week from bestselling cookery writer Sally Bee – author of The Recipe for Life: Healthy Eating For Real People and The Secret Ingredient, who shared her healthy eating tips and recipes with us earlier this year – telling nonstopmama about her latest venture.

With her best friend, Anna, Sally is embarking on The Survivor Birds “tour” (with a difference!) for a fantastic cause: The Precious Hearts Foundation.

Check out the fun video, which speaks for itself, and watch this space for more details!

As an aside: Sally has also helped design a simple, stylish yet hi-tech medical “ID bracelet”, right, for those suffering from any serious medical condition, onto which crucial information can be stored. More info at tutis-ice.com.

More info on Sally Bee and The Survivor Birds tour at sally-bee.com. You can also keep up with Sally on twitter.

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My beauty secrets: Terese Hoffeldt of Hevea

My sister-in-law is Danish. Well, she’s my husband’s brother’s wife (still with me?), which makes us so, apparently, in her native country. And I rather like that it works both ways.

She’s blonde, says everything straight, has a great sense of style and is scarily organised. She can get through Ikea in under six hours and still stick to the list.

Terese Hoffeldt, left, is not my sister-in-law, but the lovely Danish founder of super-cool, eco-friendly baby product company Hevea. Similarly, though, she has that together-Scandanavian-mama thing going on and a great eye for clean, simple style.

A nonstopmama of two, Terese founded Hevea after an unfruitful search for a pacifier made from natural rubber and in a style she liked (you see – organised).

The Hevea range of sweet, simple pacifiers, teethers and – as from this month – rubber bath toys are 100% BPA, PVC and phthalate-free. It’s already a huge hit with naturally-inclined mamas (and papas, including Orlando Bloom).

Terese’s love for all things natural is, unsurprisingly, reflected in her approach to beauty.

‘My key skincare secret is drinking water and plenty of it,’ she says. ‘I use organic products as much as I can. I love to use good quality, organic oils for the face, for example. I can’t use those that are too heavy as I don’t like that feeling on my skin. But, if I go out, or on special occasions, I still love to use make-up and good skincare.’

Terese’s top tips for glowing, natural beauty

•  The Boots Botanics organic range really suits my skin and includes products not only for the face but also the body, feet and hands. The Overnight Hand and Nail Cream (£3.56) is such good value, I can slather it on throughout the day.

•  The Organic Pharmacy products are my indulgence. The Rose Plus Anti-aging Face Cream (£107.50) is expensive but I need to use very little. I love the make-up, too.

•  I love Jane Iredale’s Longest Lash Thickening & Lengthening Mascara (£24.36).

•  I am very careful about sun exposure. I use Green People Organic Children’s Sunscreens on all the family – both the scented and unscented are fantastic.

•  For the body, I love Acai Body Lotion (€42, at rudolphcare.com).

•  For my hair, I love John Masters products, such as the Organic Evening Primrose Shampoo (£16).

•  Chanel nail enamels are a treat.

Thanks so much for sharing your tips, Terese! And all the very best with the new bath toys!!

For more info on Hevea products, go to heveababy.com.

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The purple-fingered mama!

I don’t know about you, nonstopmamas, but I am so, so, so, SO bad at keeping plants. Alive, that is. At least for longer than at a week or two after one of those trips to Homebase when I go in for shower curtain hooks and come home with half of the garden department.

Next week, TV coverage of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2011 will, I know, convince me that this year will be different. Inspired by the likes of the lovely gardening author and presenter Rachel de Thame, I’ll decide that this will be the summer my fingers turn green.

I am, in fact, the very worst sort of non-gardener. It’s not that I don’t care. I love the look of a garden in bloom – or just a few simple pots, spilling over with flowers, herbs and all – but I’m not a natural when it comes to maintenance. My mother has even taken to feeling our pot plants to check when they were last watered, when she’s waiting on the doorstep. She tells me off if they’re dry. I’m 42.

I don’t ask for much. Just for the grassy (ish) bits not to be too sparse/muddy/flattened by scooters or one too many games involving the hosepipe (I’ve given up – and family gardens, after all, need to be play-able in. And I’m so grateful to have a garden space, however small, in the first place). I’d just love it if the blades of grass actually outnumbered the dandelions (some of ours could win prizes at the moment).

The one plant I’ve managed to keep, which has stood by me, despite my being a horticultural hopeless case? Lavender. Beautiful, fantastic-smelling and oh-so-summery-looking in terracotta or aluminium pots. But, above all, amazingly hardy. Even when it’s not looking hopeful, suddenly – as just happened this week – a few purple blooms forgivingly appear.

Perhaps it’s scared of my mum.

For more info on the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2011, click here. And check out the BBC Chelsea schedule here.

Photo, above, courtesy of L’Occitane. Check out its gorgeous range of lavender-scented beauty treats here.

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Frozen yoghurt recipes from yoomoo (YUM!)

Don’t you love a sweet treat that, with the addition of a super-healthy ingredient or two, makes indulging seem like a positive health move? As in, “Sigh, I must force myself to eat this blueberry muffin, packed as it is with antioxidants”. Or “A vanilla cupcuke with peach at the bottom? Whatever it takes to get those five-a-day”. Etc.

And so it is with frozen yoghurt, or “fro-yo”, if we’re going to get with the lingo, LA-style. It hits the ‘Ooh, fancy an ice cream” spot but in a less visit-to-the-Mr-Whippy-van kind of way (although Mr W. will always, always have his place. I can recall the treat of a towering 99-plus-flake-and-strawberry sauce after family walks in Richmond Park as vividly as the tree climbing, dog walking and tadpole collecting. Sorry to bring that last bit into a food post).

Anyway, back to the frozen yoghurt, and some FAB ideas for whipping up your own, sundae-style treats for the family – as if they’re going to be just for the children – from Samantha Pyser (above right), co-founder of the new UK frozen yoghurt haven yoomoo.

Samantha launched yoomoo with her friend Amanda Gestetner after a visit to LA, where they visited similar frozen yoghurt bars. The girls thought they could give it a British spin and the result is fab, funky and has gone down, um, a treat.

‘One of the main things I love about frozen yogurt is its versatility as a food,’ says Samantha. ‘You can keep it completely healthy with fresh and ripe ingredients or indulge in some naughtiness with a selection of sweet treats’.

Samantha’s yoomoo-style frozen yoghurt “recipes” for nonstopmama:

•  Break up slabs of chocolate covered honeycomb (homemade if possible!) and sprinkle on top of chocolate or vanilla fro-yo. This is one of my most popular creations and it always goes down a treat with the kids!

•  The same as above, but, instead, use tiny marshmallow balls and sprinkle these on top of strawberry fro-yo.

•  For a healthier alternative, I love layering natural or vanilla flavoured yogurt with freshly ripe mango and kiwi – absolutely delicious in summer!

Thanks so much, Samantha! Yoomoo girls rock!

For more info on yoomoo, visit the fab and fun website. You can also follow yoomoo on twitter, at @yoomoo.

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Ruby & Millie’s busy mama beauty tips!

I first met Millie Kendall (left) – nonstopmama and one half of Ruby & Millie – in the early Nineties. Back then, Millie was running her own, buzzing beauty PR business in a basement office behind Oxford Street, looking after top notch clients including the (then) new-to-the-UK Aveda and super-hair stylist Sam McKnight. She never let a beauty editor leave the office without an arm full of her latest discoveries, be it a new body oil or  “AMAZING” hair mousse.

Make-up artist Ruby Hammer, meanwhile – interviewed at nonstopmama shortly after we launched (nearly!) two years ago, is one of the most sought after names in the business. Ruby’s work has graced the pages of countless international glossies and catwalks.

Together, the girls founded one of the most loved make-up ranges of the last 10 years – Ruby & Millie – and are busier than ever working on new projects and updating their recently launched blog with their expert takes on the latest trends, spotlighting their favourite fashion and beauty finds and more.

Here, they share their good-to-glow beauty secrets for busy nonstopmamas!

Ruby & Millie’s busy mama beauty tips:

•  Kids’ moisturisers are incredibly useful. Always over-scoop, so you can use the rest on your hands and arms to keep them thoroughly moisturised. Sudocrem, for example, is great.

•  Use a multi-purpose product like The Mulitiple from Nars to apply on cheeks, lips and eyes.

•  Coloursport 30 Day Mascara is wonderful because you don’t have to put mascara on everyday. You can just top it up when you need to.

•  Use eyelash curlers. Even if you have no time to carefully apply mascara, this will instantly open up your eyes. A pro tip: Japonesque have great eyelash curlers.

•  Apply lipstick straight from the bullet with your fingers, for a modern and fast take on bright lips. Or use Shiseido Automatic Lip Crayon to line and colour lips in no time – it’s self sharpening!

Thanks so much for sharing your tricks, mamas!!

You can also follow Ruby and Miller on twitter, at @RubyandMillie.



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