nsm Beauty: Jubilee nail polish from Nails Inc.!

You just know that there’s going to be Jubilee and Olympics-inspired beauty booty aplenty over the coming months!

A sucker for all things themed (and sparkly!), I can’t wait for the launch of Nails Inc.’s Jubilee Nail Polish in May …

What do you think? I love the mix of red, white and blue glitter (and I think American nonstopmamas might be liking it for July 4, too, no?!).

Certainly easier than the flag nail art option, it will be available online at Nails Inc. and at Nails Inc. stockists nationwide from May.

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nsm Family and Food: How do you kick-start your day?!

Here’s something for all of us familiar with the “Come on, everyone, it’s REALLY time to get up now!!’ dawn chorus!…

All this week, nonstopmama is on board with Weetabix’s Fuel For Big Days campaign. It’s a great opportunity for mamas to share all those tried and tested tricks for helping to give your family a great start to the day.

Throughout this week, check the display box to the right and you’ll find lots of ideas and comments. And – as the campaign is all about sharing! – you can also hop over to the Weetabix Fuel for Big Days Facebook page and share your tips!

I can’t wait to hear about your early morning strategies, mamas!

Jen xx

This is a sponsored post.

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nsm Homes: What’s not to ♥?!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for a cute cake/cookie/whatever tin. I really don’t have any more space for another one on our already cluttered countertop (this kind of relates to last Friday’s post!), but I’m always tempted.

This new one from Emma Bridgewater caught my eye at the weekend …

I didn’t splurge, but isn’t it cute?! Love the heart shape!!

What are your kitchen weaknesses?

Coming up tomorrow: the Jubilee beauty booty starts here!

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nsm Homes and Food: Kitchen confidential

Ever since I interviewed Ruth Clemens – the self-billed “manic mummy and baker extraordinnaire” who came second in the first series of BBC2′s The Great British Bake Off – for nonstopmama, I’ve enjoyed her great home baking blog, The Pink Whisk (her first book is due out in April, BIG congrats, Ruth!).

Her latest post, A sneak peek into The Pink Whisk Kitchen struck such a chord that I just had to mention it.

Revealing her ‘real life’ kitchen – not as big as she’d like, and packed to the rafters with cooking kit and all the signs of super-busy family life – Ruth proves you don’t have to have a kitchen that looks like it’s been styled for a glossy interiors mag spread (or an impossibly pristine TV kitchen) to create one full of character, warmth and love.

Some of the most welcoming kitchens I’ve been in have also been the most modest, mad or cluttered (or, even better, all of the above) and FULL of character and heart.

One is my Italian Nonna’s kitchen – small but always spotlessly clean, swept and with a pot of espresso or pan of pasta water bubbling away on the simple, freestanding stove. Just-washed dishes were put away on the storage rack above the sink, which drained them at the same time – no frills, no fuss. She’d always sit at a small table chopping herbs at bionic speed with her mezzaluna, eyes sparkling and putting the world to rights with whomever was keeping her company. The family ate in the adjacent living room, at a big, round table, almost always with the TV on (so you’d need to compete with newsreader or game show host to be heard). Wonderful.

Do go and check out Ruth’s lovely blog, and let me know what you think here, too, about creating a ‘home that loves’, regardless of space, style and budget!

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nsm Beauty: Purr-fectly cute!

Calling all cat lovers …

HOW cute?!!

The new spring collection from trés, trés chic Paul & Joe Beauté, inspired by designer Sophie Albou’s pussycats!

There are paw print-imprinted (!) lipsticks, kitty cat embossed eyeshadows and – my favourite! – kitty-shaped, push-up cream blushers (the ones that look more like lipsticks in the pic above, on the right. In fact, using a rosy lipstick to double up as a blush is one of the best, busy mama tricks in the book!).

The only thing is, aren’t they too cute to actually use?!!

Where to snap up? The lip and eye colours are available online at ASOS, you can find the whole range at Fenwick already, and it will hit the Harrods beauty hall on 23 January …

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