Fit for action!

This past weekend, we had family to stay – my lovely little cousin, who I need to get into my head is now NOT still a little girl (or toddler, as – scarier still, I can even remember that – she was born in the Eighties!!) – but is all grown-up and has a husband and little boy to show for it, thank you very much. Funny how people get ‘stuck’ at certain ages in your mind (just as I always think I’m about four years younger than I am, at any given age …).

Anyway! My cousin has totally inspired me with her mission to become a personal trainer, specialising in pre- and post-natal fitness and well-being. She’s mid-studying for it all (lots of different courses – I was pooped just hearing about it and needed another Easter nest cake to ponder it all).

No, I’m not thinking about following suit (I can hear the explosions of laughter from those that know me) – but I was just so impressed by her passion to share the knowledge and strategies that helped her to get (completely sensibly) in shape post-baby herself. She has a wonderful vision to motivate and encourage other mamas in a very real, down to earth but motivating way. She definitely walks the talk and, watching her pace with a buggy, I don’t know which is springier – her step, or her ponytail. 

It’s really made me reflect on my own general fitness (and lack of!) and how all of us busy mamas would benefit from working on our stamina, strength and suppleness (those three, crucial S’s) – especially as we get older. So, I’m on a mission to get tips and advice aplenty from those really in-the-know for motivating and equipping nonstopmamas to feel as fit and well as possible as we run around doing everything that we do and wouldn’t change for the world.

I’ve got a few experts lined up to share their wisdom, so watch this space and please do share your own fitness tips and tricks, too!

In the meantime, some inspiration to think fit for summer 2011: the latest FitFlop style, but with a lovely story. The MANYANO sandal is a limited edition FitFlop, hand-beaded by the women of the Wola Nani cooperative in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Wola Nani is a non-profit organisation helping to bring relief and support to the communities most severely affected by the HIV crisis in the country’s Western Cape. For each pair sold, FitFlop will donate 100 % of the net profits to the organisation. They will cost £95 per posture-improving, leg and bottom-toning pair, and be available from 20 April from (the waiting list is now live, for the super-keen!).

See you tomorrow, with those new, super-bright spring nail polishes I promised you last week!


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