Mums on the run! YOU’RE AMAZING Autumn giveaway, WIN the Shock Absorber Ultimate RUN Bra!

This giveaway has now closed and the winner is Rachel Sanders! BIG congrats to Rachel, and thanks to everyone who took part!! More giveaways still open and lots more to come at nonstopmama!!

How about kicking off the day with a FAB giveaway for all you running mamas?!

I know how many of you nonstopmamas love your funky, high performance fitnesswear, judging by all the lovely, inspiring comments you submitted for our great Speedo Sculpture swimsuit giveaway (it’s still open, mamas!) and the Zaggora HotPants 2.0 (we announced the winner here today!).

As our latest YOU’RE AMAZING! Autumn giveaway, we’ve got a real fitness classic: the Shock Absorber Ultimate RUN Bra, in your size and choice of simple, stylish Black or White.

A longtime bestseller, this style offers expert support to the delicate Cooper’s Ligament in the breast (which contains no muscle), protecting against stretch and damage while you run.

Featuring ‘Infinity 8 Support’, research shows that the Shock Absorber RUN bra can reduce breast bounce by up to 78 % in comparison with the average 38 % of a normal sports bra.

Comfy, supportive and available in 30-36, B – F fittings, the RUN bra is PERFECT for a nonstopmama who runs to keep in shape!

I’m not sure, technically, if the school run counts …

To enter this giveaway, simply:

1. ‘Like’ the NEW nonstopmama Facebook page!

2.  Leave a comment below this post to let me know you’ve done the above!

That’s it!!

The winner will be chosen at random by computer (we’ll email to ask for the winner’s choice of RUN bra size and colour, and the best address to which it should be sent!). Please take a moment to read the giveaway rules here.

This giveaway will close at midnight on Wednesday, 14 November, 2012.

More info on Shock Absorber range and to shop online here!

You can also ‘Like’ Shock Absorber on Facebook and follow on Twitter!

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  1. Lin Osborne says:

    Love Shock Absorber Bras, they are so comfortable to wear…

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  3. lindsay chadburn says:

    i would love this, been exercising and dieting for the past 8 weeks, lost nearly 2 stone so far still about 3 or 4 to go!!! so this would be perfect for me working out!!!
    I love your blog and follow you on facebook!

  4. Isobelle Forde says:

    Have even a liker for some time, fab prize! :)

  5. Tracy Nixon says:

    *♥ ҈ ♥* ҈ ♥ Great giveaway! Thank you! Liking & sharing on my wall! *♥ ҈ ♥* ҈ ♥*

  6. Susan Marshall says:

    Would love to win this for Gym

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    already liked yet another brill prize

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    Already a FB fan :) Great prize!

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    Liked already!

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    Liked already!

  12. Ali Thorpe says:

    I already like! Would love a new running bra in a slightly bigger size as I haven’t been running since I hurt my back and I think everything has got a bit bigger :S

  13. Sarah-Jane Bowley says:

    Already done x

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    already likes

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    Already liked

  16. Clare Woodman says:

    Sounds brill – hope I win :)

  17. Keith says:

    liked facebook stan theman

  18. Pauline Simpson says:

    Great for Good Support when exercising

  19. I don’t have Facebook but I am following on Twitter :) x

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    Already liked :-)

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  22. claire woods says:

    Done as claire samuel

  23. Hannah Marks says:

    Here is a new liker!! I would love to win this as I have just rejoined the gym and need a good bra :)

  24. Debbie Gillespie says:

    I’ve liked your facebook page.

  25. Honora Livesey says:

    Thanks for another great prize giveaway. Would love one of these. A firm fan :)

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    Have been a liker for a while. xxx

  28. julie boccara says:

    So need this …have lost over 3 stone ..still more to go !!

  29. keren mary curran says:

    i so need this,quite big chested this would really help

  30. Claire Smith says:

    Liked as Claire M. Smith – would love one of these for my new fitness regime

  31. alison reid says:

    facebook fan for a while now, another great giveaway, this will really help with the school “run”

  32. Patricia Edwards says:

    Would love to try one of these bras

  33. Karen R says:

    I’ve liked you

  34. Sarah says:

    Done! Love these bras!!!

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    liked the page love exercising need good support

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    Have like on facebook :-)

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    Done, looks fab x

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  41. Candy Nichols says:

    Just started to get fit with Les Mills and Body jam This would really would enhance my chances with this aid;-)

  42. denise cross says:

    Already like the page – would love one of these as just started taking exercise seriously

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    All done.

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    Already liking

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    I’m a fan!


    Liked, liked, liked!!

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    Done X

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    new liker and fan. would love to win

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    All done. x

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    all done, would love this very useful! 32D

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    Have liked on facebook – Hannah Louise Ellis x

  53. catherine fores says:

    facebook fab, fab comp xx

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    I’m already a Liker on Facebook. Good comp

  55. Tracy Nixon says:

    *♥ ҈ ♥* ҈ ♥ A great giveaway! Thank you! Liking & sharing on my wall! *♥ ҈ ♥* ҈ ♥*

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    facebook liker

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    I already like on Facebook (Rachie Littleme). Great competition.

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    Already a fan :)

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    DONE !

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    Great prize, shared on fb x

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    I have liked the NEW nonstopmama Facebook page!

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    Great prize! Xx

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    Done! A fab giveaway x

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    all done

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    I’m already a Liker on Facebook. Thanks for the comp.

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  72. Jodie says:

    That would be great prize for me because 3 months ago, I started exercizing again and now for the first time since my little boy was born just over one year ago, I feel fit and (almost) in good shape. I plan to keep up the good work.

  73. Julie Picton says:

    Liked on Facebook

  74. nonstopmama says:

    Oooh well done you, keep at it and go-go-go!!! Thanks for taking part! :) Jen

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    Liked FB page :) Great prize.

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    Just what I need for the gym! Have already liked your fb page x

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    Thanks for the competition

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    Already liked the page, fingers crossed x

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    Already liked

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    liked on fb – karen mse donald

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    like likE liKE lIKE LIKE! :-) yes and liked your shiny new page of course

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    All done x

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    Already a liker of your lovely page nonstopmama !!

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    Thanks so much, Jenny, for Sharing too – hope you enjoy the site! :)

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    liked. lovely bra.

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    Already a liker, brilliant page

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    Liking your facebook page! x

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    Liked it right away, love to go running and I can’t do it without my Shock Absorber bra on! Love them :D

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    liked :-) x

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    Liking your page x

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    liked liked liked

  127. Ellen says:

    Done. Fingers crossed x

  128. Jackie Varley says:

    Finally found the perfect running bra when this was invented. Wouldn’t ever change!

  129. sarah says:

    done!! love shockabsorber!! they are the best

  130. Mandy Kelly says:

    Loved the page

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    I’ve liked your fab fb page! :)

  133. Have liked your facebook page

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    already love the bras….now liked the facebook page!

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    Love this a great offer,already love page.x

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    I’m a liker

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    love the bra…now liked the page :)

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    have liked on fb (kat screamy)

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    *liked* and already *like* shock absorber – the best running bras ever!

  143. gwen says:

    Liked! I so want this! I’ve got two a black one and a grey one. The grey one was white so that’s why I need a new one!

  144. anna warner says:

    would love to win this, have liked please enter me

  145. Mo Hook says:

    Good, clear website. Excellent to follow!

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    This nonstopmama has liked the page (and the fabulous giveaways!):)

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    Oh thanks SO much, Mo!! So kind of you to say, enjoy!! :)

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    It’s FAB isn’t it?! Thanks so much for taking part! Jen :)

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    :) it happens!! Jen

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    Oh thanks so much, Alison! X

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    Really good to know, thanks Jackie and thanks so much for entering!! :)

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    Liked, would have loved if there was a button for that. Fancied black one of those for a while… fingers crossed!

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    OH so kind, thanks so much and so glad you’re so loving nonstopmama! :)

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    Ooh thanks so much! :)

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    Love the comfort and support

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    All done here! Fingers crossed!

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    Liked it and loving it :D

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    The best bra by far!!!

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    Already a liker. This bra is just what I need – I’m getting back into running after having a baby and discovered I can’t shoehorn myself into my old sports bra!

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    totally love zaggora, and I love and like nonstopmamas website as well….:)

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    Already a liker of your fab page!

  378. nicola barter says:

    already liked :)

  379. Lib crouch says:

    Loved! X

  380. Janine says:

    liked :-)

  381. Matt Brooks says:

    Liked and shared

  382. Sharon Curran says:

    Im already a fan of FB

  383. Lila B taylor says:

    I’m already a FB fan x

  384. Jane Middleton says:

    Already like on facebook

  385. Melissa B says:

    I already like the FB page :)
    Great giveaway, Shock Absorbers are the most excellent sports bras – NO movement at all!

  386. emma jones says:

    already a facebook fan :)

  387. Stephanie Morris says:

    already was a liker on facebook. Great products

  388. claire thomson little says:

    already a liker :) love your page

  389. sherri fordham says:

    im already a fan!

  390. Angie Hoggett says:

    already liked

  391. Anne-Marie Brookes says:

    liked already xx

  392. Jo Boyd says:

    I’ve liked the page :)

  393. Lindsey philpot says:

    Already a fan (Linds philpot)

  394. Dee says:

    Had already liked your page. x

  395. Jess Scott says:

    Liked! :)

  396. Frank Wilbury says:

    Liked already

  397. lorraine polley says:

    already a liker on facebook!

  398. sarah preston says:

    good luck :)

  399. Hayley Todd says:

    Fantastic competition, thank you! Already a long-term liker on facebook :-)

  400. Theresa Thomas says:

    Liked :)

  401. Pat Stubbs says:

    Already liked but what a fab prize

  402. Kate Sabin-Burns says:

    I’m a liker xx

  403. robin wilson says:

    done and dusted woop

  404. Pauline Dring says:

    I have liked the nonstopmama Facebook page.

  405. Adrian Clarke says:

    Job Done! ;)

  406. Alice Beaumont says:

    Already a liker on facebook xx

  407. Doug Murray says:

    liked it

  408. Anna Ling says:

    Already a fan :-)

  409. Chris Williams says:

    already a follower of yours. would love a sports bra I do keepfit and outdoor exercise but have never had a proper sports bra, and probably should as a normal one isnt comfy when working out.

  410. Demi Hale says:

    LIKED!!!!! <3 X

  411. Herbert Appleby says:

    already liked nonstopmama :)

  412. anita roberts says:

    already liking x

  413. Eleanor Beavan says:

    Am already a liker and what a brilliant prize. I workout five times a week and can never seem to find a decent workout bra x

  414. Claire says:


  415. antonia j richardson says:

    liked on fb

  416. Marilyn Davies says:

    Liked and shared

  417. jenna rothen says:

    liked on fb

  418. sue willshee says:

    Already a facebook fan….. and I’d jump up and down with excitement over this prixe if only I had a bra that stopped me bouncing :-)

  419. sarah gray says:

    already a fb fan – i love this page. would love to win. x

  420. Ali Louise Cliiford says:

    Already a facebook fan xx

  421. Jennifer says:

    Hey Non Stop Mama!

    I’m already a fan on Facebook! …Love the sound of this bra, I’m so self conscious in the gym and my Primark cheapie sports bras are just not cutting it!

    Have a nice day, Jen xx

  422. Jill Hoey says:

    Am a Fan – Like, Follow & Share! xx

  423. Roisin McGuckin says:

    Already a liker :-) great giveaway

  424. rebecca nisbet says:

    alreay liked

  425. martina mckenna says:

    liked ,great comp

  426. jon says:

    all done

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