WIN a Models Own Nail Art Pen set, and do your own Olympic mani!

This giveaway has now closed. The winners are Alice Hindley, Nicki White and Carole Paton. Congrats to them, and BIG thank you to all who entered – there are lots more giveaways still open and more to come at nonstopmama!!

Inspired by all the Olympic nail art that’s been making a splash in the Olympic pool (and we covered here at nonstopmama)?

Well, what better way to experiment with the trend than by trying it yourself, using the super-cool Models Own Red, White and Blue Nail Art Pens?!

Models Own have generously given us three sets of the patriotic pens (worth £6 each) to give away!!

To enter this giveaway, simply:

1. ‘Like’ the NEW nonstopmama Facebook page!

2.  Leave a comment below this post to let me know you’ve done the above!

That’s it!

The winners will be chosen at random by computer (we’ll ask them to email us with the address to which their three Models Own Nail Art Pens should be sent!). Please take a moment to read the giveaway rules here.

This giveaway will close at midnight on Thursday, 9 August, 2012.

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376 Responses to “WIN a Models Own Nail Art Pen set, and do your own Olympic mani!”

  1. Emma Louise says:

    Done, x

  2. claire thomson says:

    done already :)

  3. katie says:

    all done x

  4. Claire Louise Richards says:

    These look awesome, great for cheering on Team GB. I’m a fan of the FB page, thanks :)

  5. katherine grieve says:

    Am a fan on fb xx

  6. susan marshall says:

    These are lovely

  7. Jodie Bruce says:

    Liked xxx

  8. Michelle barthorpe says:

    Done :) x

  9. Sandra Siddall says:

    Wow they look fab! liked :) xx

  10. siobhan marie says:

    done xx

  11. Gemma j brown says:

    done :o)


    all done :)

  13. Sandy Ferguson says:

    Love it!

  14. Michelle SJ Smith says:

    all done xx

  15. Geraldine O'Gorman says:

    Done! would love to try these!

  16. Nicola says:

    Done….I would loves these :-)

  17. Roseanne Brenton says:

    Liked :)

  18. Sameera says:


  19. Siobhan Jackson says:

    already a fan <3

  20. Linda Rumsey says:


  21. Angela Mckenzie says:

    All done thanks x

  22. Susan El Carter says:

    Already like your FB. I’d love to give these a go. I wondered how you would get such fine lines on your fingernails – I thought it would be difficult to do with my varnish brush :-o Doh! Didn’t know these existed (senior moment)

  23. Katy says:

    I must admit I came across your website after seeing a tweet about this competition! Having these pens would be amazing to create some patriotic nail art (at the moment i only have the black pen, so im a bit limited!) Like the facebook page and bookmarked this one :) keeping my (sadly lacking patriotic nails) fingers crossed!
    Katy xx

  24. Candy Nichols says:

    Fab colours This one is for my niece she has a great sense of style but very sporty with it!

  25. Liked your page n shared post,would love to try these out,ty x

  26. Julie Paton says:

    Done :)

  27. Helen Grayson says:

    I’ve liked the page! I LOVE these pens! I’ve been on the lookout for some for ages! Plus really patriotic colours too!!! :D

  28. Jackie Walter says:

    Liked your page and keeping everything crossed for this and for Team GB ;o)

  29. Jamie Butt says:

    Done – would love to win this one x

  30. lorraine pigott says:

    Done :) <3 xxx

  31. Rebecca Saunders says:

    Done x

  32. Heather Magill says:

    liked your page

  33. Kelly Young says:

    Already liked (my facebook – kelly yung)

  34. Jacqui S says:

    Liked on FB

  35. Lucy Taylor says:

    done. these look like intricate designs would be a doddle to do.


    liked your fb page :-)

  37. Dee Johnson says:

    Already a fan :)

  38. Debby Brown says:

    Already a Facebook fan – been patriotically supporting Team GB from my sofa, would happily sit painting my nails whilst watching.

  39. kim richardson says:

    What a great idea- already liked

  40. sue cornish says:

    love to win

  41. Tracy Nixon says:

    Already a Facebook fan as Tracy K Nixon xxx

  42. lana leman says:

    Already a Facebook fan

  43. kirstie kenton says:


  44. Ed Keep says:

    All done

  45. lucy osborne says:

    Already a fan of your fantastic page

  46. jenni thorpe says:

    I’m a liker on facebook :-)

  47. Kay Adams says:

    Liked on Facebook

  48. Christina Field says:

    Would love to try these.liked,shared, and already a fan

  49. Zoe G says:

    Already like you, these look fun

  50. anthony harrington says:

    fab! already a follower

  51. jen louise jackson says:

    done x

  52. maureen findley says:

    all done

  53. Janet K says:

    Liked your fb page

  54. Helen says:


  55. Heather Haigh says:

    Done :)))))))

  56. Nicole says:


  57. Lynn Blakeman says:

    Already liked

  58. claire hooper says:

    facebook fan xx

  59. Amanda Thomas says:

    Liked :o)

  60. abigail craig says:

    done :)

  61. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse says:

    Liked the Facebook page :D

  62. tina marie mckenna says:

    done,love it

  63. Sarah-Jane Laycock says:

    All done x

  64. Veronica brown says:

    All done.

  65. Sabita Ramachandran says:


  66. Andy D says:

    All done.

  67. halima says:

    The Nail Art Pens look great!

  68. dee m findlay says:

    liking the page ,,

  69. Lisa McGreevy says:

    All done

  70. fiona mcmillan says:

    Great fun. Thanks.

  71. Melanie Hunt says:

    already there :)

  72. Phil Darling says:

    all done by me too

  73. Carole Paton says:




  75. Cherryl Thomas says:

    All done.

  76. jessica newman says:

    done :)

  77. Kimberley Stone says:

    Done :-)

  78. Bernie says:

    Lovely prize – liked on FB

  79. harriet says:

    done :)

  80. Joanne Mapp says:

    I’m a fan x

  81. anne tiernan says:


  82. hayley says:


  83. Hilda hazel Wright says:

    Thanks for the competition, I already like your facebook page!

  84. Ali Thorpe says:

    These are so fun, I would love to try one.

    I already like your Facebook x

  85. maureen quinnell says:

    liked the page

  86. becky fahy says:

    Commented and shared on fb x

  87. Sharon Bellwood says:


  88. Peter Gilby says:

    All done

  89. Tracy Baker says:

    wow we would love to try these i love your page

  90. alana grocutt says:

    done :D

  91. samantha rae says:

    liked and love it

  92. catherine beckett says:

    wow great prize :)

  93. keren mary curran says:


  94. michelle thompson says:

    all done

  95. kristy brown says:

    Fab! All done x

  96. Vanessa Miller says:

    Liked your fb page

  97. Allan Smith says:

    Done. Thanks you!

  98. Gary says:

    Done :) x

  99. Lauren Pilkington says:

    done x

  100. haley redshaw says:


  101. sarah birkett says:

    liked ( for ages )

  102. jacqueline says:

    Already there, ohhhh my niece would love these, all she does is draw designs on her nails, these would be just perfect :-)

  103. Sue says:

    Liked already

  104. Kara says:

    Liked! Awesome giveaway!

  105. helen B says:

    Already liked :~)

  106. Claire Trevor says:

    I already like the fb page:)

  107. Laura says:

    Already liked

  108. Denise W says:

    Have liked the FB page :)

  109. emma hunt says:

    already a liker :-)

  110. Miranda Holman says:

    Already a fan, my girls (and myself) would love these :)

  111. iain maciver says:

    already liked

  112. Karen R says:


  113. Sarah Corbett says:

    Amazing Prize, count me in please <3

  114. Claire Smith says:

    Already liked as Claire M. Smith – didn’t know these existed!

  115. Lisa Dunne says:

    Fab prize, fingers crossed.

  116. Julie Davies says:

    already liked

  117. Vivien Baird says:

    I already like the fb page

  118. claire woods says:

    Done as clairesamuel

  119. Stacey says:

    I have liked! :)

  120. angela sandhu says:

    all done x

  121. vicky garrett says:

    all done :-) fingers crossed and good luck everyone :-)

  122. rachael macinnis says:

    love them xxx

  123. Cheryl Pearson says:

    already a liker on facebook x

  124. kady newell says:

    already liked :D

  125. kelly-ann murray says:

    liked xx

  126. Victoria Ann Entwistle says:

    Already a ‘liker’ – Love reading your posts!

  127. Colin Gault says:

    Liked and Shared

  128. Julie Kenny says:

    liked -what a wonderful prize, thanks for the chance to win :-) xxx

  129. Esther Dalzell says:

    liked…love the prizes!!!

  130. Julie Boccara says:

    Fabulous XX

  131. Janine Bailey says:

    Already following x

  132. Tracey Brotherton says:

    I love being creative with my nails ~ Luckily I have perfect nails (many people think they are false nails!) I love being creative with them… Can’t remember the last time that my nails were bare. Following you on Facebook & Twitter.

  133. Janette Arnold says:

    A teenagers dream

  134. Sarah-Jane Laycock says:

    Liked on FB, many thanks x

  135. Leanne Lunn says:

    Already like your fab page x

  136. Hannah Almond says:

    liked !! Great competition,I would absolutely love to win these get in to the British spirit for supporting our great country to Olympic victory!!

  137. jackie curran says:

    already liked.

  138. Gaynor brown says:

    Ooh liked these are brill :-)

  139. Margaret says:

    ✩ ✩ ✩ Already liked ✩ ✩ ✩

  140. Claire Power says:

    I already liked you :) fab prize xx

  141. Rebecca Collins says:

    Liked :) Hope I win

  142. Amy Bennett says:

    Have liked the facebook page :)

  143. Jen keller says:

    Fab, have liked the Facebook page x

  144. Natalie Cross says:

    Facebook page already liked :) Great prize!


    Already a fan! :) xoxo

  146. Mary says:

    All done!

  147. jenny says:

    liked and these would save my daughter lot’s of time ;) plz

  148. Lesley Taylor says:

    Hi FB page liked! :)

  149. abigail edkins says:

    I have liked the new fabby dabby page, thank you : )

  150. julie myers says:

    liked :)

  151. katrina walsh says:

    liked and shared

  152. Debbie Davis says:

    liked :)

  153. Fiona says:


  154. Katy Turner says:

    Liked :)

  155. lorraine dunne says:

    love this have liked

  156. Tanita Dighton says:

    Liked your fabulous page :)

  157. Jan Richards says:

    Loved and liked. x

  158. Rachael Lines says:

    Already a fan xx fab competition.

  159. Denise Cop says:

    Already a FB fan too :)

  160. Diana Cotter says:

    Already like your new FB page

  161. Tina Holmes says:

    Already a fan

  162. Amy Gallagher says:

    Liked, already a fan :o) x

  163. Isabel O'Brien says:

    I already like your page. :D

  164. Kerrie Vella says:

    already a fan!

  165. JoC says:

    Big fan! :) liked.

  166. Robert Biggs, Sr. says:


  167. suzzee langton says:


  168. tonya duprey says:

    all done and a great page

  169. tracey king says:

    nice x

  170. Sarah says:

    Already liked x

  171. tammy tollefsen says:

    These look Reem!!!!!!!!! So proud to wear the British Flag on my fingers atm!! Come on Team GB!

  172. Lemknip Pink says:

    I like (well, there’s no ‘love’ button) the page

  173. Hazel Rush says:

    I’ve liked the Facebook page

  174. glenda profit says:

    Fab pens – have done as you’ve asked on nailarty one. ;)

  175. Sue Hunt says:

    Already a fan on Facebook :)

  176. Michelle Sykes says:

    Already a liker

  177. Marie woodburn says:

    Liked & shared

  178. margaret scott says:


  179. Siobhan Kerry says:

    omg love these! i have liked already <3

  180. Gilla Abrahams says:

    Already liked the page.

  181. Lois says:

    These are amazing!

  182. Dawn Costen says:

    How fantastic! Have already liked your FB page :)

  183. olivia kirby says:

    Love them! Like on FB xx

  184. clare davies says:

    already liking f/b page x

  185. Gemma Clark says:

    liking on facebook
    thankyou for a fab comp x

  186. Alex says:

    ♥ liked on facebook ♥

  187. Dawn C says:

    done thanks

  188. Leanne Abel says:

    liked x

  189. Vicky says:

    liked :-)

  190. Caroline French says:

    I’ve liked your fab new facebook page :-)

  191. Julie Picton says:

    liked on facebook

  192. PAT ASHBRIDGE says:

    Already a BIG FAN!! Liked on FB..Thank you..

  193. Kirsten Murphy says:

    I already like your Facebook page.

  194. Mandy Wan says:

    I am already a fan of your page :) X

  195. Nick Hopkins says:


  196. Phyllis Ellett says:

    Already a fan :)

  197. Cathryn Bowen says:


  198. sarah sakimoto says:


  199. Paula Phillips says:

    I like your facebook page.

  200. suzanne Sendell says:

    Liked your page
    love the give away

  201. chantelle says:

    ive liked the page. now all ive gotta do it win win win! :L :D

  202. Yvonne Crook says:

    Already like

  203. diana jones says:

    liked fingers (with new nail polish!) crossed

  204. Laura says:

    Already liked X

  205. millie s green says:

    I have liked your fb page

  206. Sarah Siv says:

    I’m a fan :)

  207. Sandy Ferguson says:


  208. Donna says:

    Liked! Love!

  209. michelle McCole says:

    already a fan :-D X

  210. Sarah Hocking says:

    Have liked your facebook page :0)

  211. Hayley Davies says:

    Already a liker :)

  212. Caroline H says:

    I’m a liker!

  213. gracieg says:

    liked and shared

  214. Else Hepburn says:

    Already a fan ;-)

  215. Angela Farrey says:

    Thanks or the chance x

  216. Emma Jackson says:

    Already Liked! xx

  217. Michelle Clarke says:

    liked and shared

  218. Kerry Brown says:

    already a fan!! x

  219. Toyah Rusby says:


  220. kerry Locke says:

    Liked xx

  221. kim mayhead says:

    I like you on facebook, always have, always will

  222. Juanita Powers says:

    LIked x

  223. susannah southurst says:

    already liked

  224. Debbie Louise Davies says:

    Already a fan! Thanks for the giveaway xx

  225. Jackie ONeill says:

    Already a fan. Thanks xx

  226. Steph Armstrong says:

    Already a fan – thanks

  227. Sharon V. says:

    Already a fan :) x

  228. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    Have visited your site before – my teenage daughters often show me things they would like. Am now a fan. Great Giveaway.

  229. Paul Witney says:

    Already a fan – loving all your competitions

  230. fiona waterworth says:


  231. rachael jones mann says:

    all done xx

  232. Sarah Rees says:

    Liked :)

  233. Christine Mutter says:

    Liked it x

  234. Helen M Porter says:

    i already like your fabby page xx

  235. Nicci Sanderson says:

    Liked x

  236. Adele Hill says:

    Already liked X

  237. Vid Ram says:

    Already like your FB Page (Vid Ram)

  238. love your blog would love to win!!!

  239. Julie Whitehead says:

    Already a fan! Would love to win this, thanks for the chance.

  240. John Mcgovern says:


  241. Like as Alison Maclean

  242. Jacquie Bennett says:

    Liked, great prize x

  243. Michelle Williams says:

    Already a fan

  244. katherine grieve says:

    Already a fan on fb xx

  245. Karen Barrett says:

    I’m a fan x

  246. michaela britton says:

    im a fan x

  247. cardine woolsey says:

    im a fan :) :) x

  248. EMMA CELLA says:

    im a fan x

  249. Laura Tregidgo says:

    im a fan! :)

  250. Tiredmummy says:

    Liked on Fb thanks xxxx

  251. Samantha Atherton says:

    I’m a fan on facebook xx

  252. c tindale says:

    already liked!!!!!!!

  253. Joanne Crosby says:

    I’m a fan x

  254. Felicity S says:

    Have liked the FB page

  255. Rhoda says:

    Have liked the FB page.

  256. Sallie Guest says:

    I’m already a fan. Love the prize :)

  257. Kelly Hooper says:

    already a fan :)


    i’m a fan

  259. Ela Tse says:

    All done thanks!

  260. Rachel Vass says:

    Already a follower on facebook :) Great competition, thanks

  261. Terri Stammers says:

    im a fan, also gonna share with all friends x

  262. Pauline Appleton says:

    Already a liker on facebook

  263. sj wesley says:

    Done x

  264. Rebecca Woodroof says:

    I am a fan

  265. Victoria Cunniff says:

    I’m a liker!

  266. Katie Richards says:

    Liked :)

  267. Natalie Henderson says:

    I have liked your new page!! :)

  268. Scott Caldon says:

    Liked on Fb thanks

  269. Rachel Hartwell says:

    I’m a fan!

  270. toni quandt says:

    Liked it! x

  271. Laura Godfrey says:

    Liked on facebook! Love them

  272. Natalie White says:

    I liked it :)

  273. alison culverhouse says:

    I`ve liked you on FB!

  274. Lesley Bain says:

    Already a fan on fb…and a big fan of models own too :) Never seen these pens before they look great, my daughters and I would have so much fun with these! :)

  275. Kirsty N says:

    I have liked!

  276. Nikki White says:

    i am a fan x

  277. Janine Atkin says:

    already liking on facebook :)

  278. Ellie Jacobs says:

    Have been a Facebook fan for ages, but would love to win these. My daughter is Team GB crazy and has had the union jack painted on her face daily. She would love this on her nails x

  279. Maria Jane Knight says:

    These are brilliant!! Already a liker of yours on facebook :)

  280. sarah lee says:

    I‘Liked’ the NEW nonstopmama Facebook page!

  281. Stephen Little says:

    Lovely jubbly!

  282. Becky John says:

    All done xx

  283. Catriona Pavey says:

    I’m a fan!

  284. Kirsty Hall says:

    already liked on fb :)

  285. Katie Skeoch says:

    Already a liker on FB

  286. trupti dave says:

    already liked

  287. Agata P says:

    I’m a fan! Thank you

  288. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    I already like the new FB page :)

  289. Claire Butler says:

    already a fan x

  290. Jayne K says:

    Liked you on Facebook

  291. Kayleigh Comp Mayhew says:

    Already a fan :)

  292. Lorna Peppiatt says:

    Have liked you on Facebook :)

  293. Daiva Preston says:

    Liked on Facebook

  294. Laura Finch says:

    Already a fan xxx

  295. Susan Harrison says:

    I am a facebook fan :D

  296. Alison says:

    Already a liker on facebook

  297. Mrs Rachel Heap says:

    already a fan and would love to win these!

  298. lorraine polley says:

    already a fan, would love to win

  299. Maya Russell says:

    Like the new facebook page already.

  300. Emily Fraser says:

    Have liked! :)

  301. alex fowler says:

    liked the fb page

  302. Gary says:

    Following on FB. Thanks for the comp :)

  303. claire fawkner says:

    Already liked on facebook x

  304. Gemma Woodcock says:

    Liked on Facebook

  305. jenna rothen says:

    already liked on Facebook

  306. Rachel Blackburn says:

    already like you on facebook :)

  307. jennie says:


  308. Michelle Rayner says:

    Already liked on facebook

  309. Jayne says:

    liked x

  310. LUCY IRVING says:

    like on facebook

  311. Lisa Pope says:

    Already like on facebook

  312. Vakhida says:


  313. sarah says:

    already a fan!

  314. Anne-Marie Brookes says:


  315. Angie Hoggett says:

    already like xx

  316. Jen Boucher says:

    already like!

  317. Isabelle Smith says:


  318. denises says:

    liked denise suzanne

  319. Nicola Howson says:

    Liked on facebook lovely! xx

  320. josie jojo harrison says:

    already a FB fan, love these pens!

  321. cathyj says:

    already liked on fb x

  322. Joy Dehany says:


    already like you on FB.
    Would like these for my niece who is doing a beauty course. xx

  323. sue willshee says:

    already like don facebook :-)

  324. Alice Hindley says:

    I have ‘Liked’ the NEW nonstopmama Facebook page!

  325. antonia says:

    liked on facebook

  326. elaine stokes says:

    already loved and liked on facebook x x x x x x

  327. Yvonne Crossland says:

    Already a facebook fan x

  328. Hannah Whitling says:

    Already liking on Facebook

  329. Theresa Hailey says:

    I’m now a fan, going to show my niece this also as she has a real talent for nail art.

  330. Theresa Hailey says:

    Liked, and sharing with my niece who’s a budding nail artist.

  331. Sarah Tilley says:

    have liked on fb :)

  332. Dawn F says:

    Liked the page. Love the prize!

  333. Shelley Jessup says:

    I’m a liker on your facebook page

  334. Francesca Light-Wilson says:

    Hello, I’ve liked your Facebook page too :-)

  335. Ellen Stafford says:

    I am already a facebook fan thanks x

  336. Mandy says:


  337. Sarah says:


  338. michelle dootson says:


  339. emma kinsey says:

    already a fan would love to win

  340. gussie says:


  341. Becky neary says:


  342. Gill says:

    Liked on fb

  343. Julie E Henderson says:

    great prize

  344. Stacey Guilliatt says:

    Already a liker :D

  345. Linda Williams says:


  346. NICOLA TERRY says:

    Already a liker on Facebook

  347. Michelle SJ Smith says:

    already a fan of nonstopmama, have shared on my wall x

  348. Jane Dale-Beaumont says:

    well that was easy, TEAM GB have been awesome,

  349. Jane Dale-Beaumont says:

    well that was easy, TEAM GB have been awesome,liker for ages :)

  350. Jill Hoey says:

    Liked EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! :D

  351. zeena koudil says:

    already a fan of your page :)

  352. JoJo Young says:

    Already like your Facebook page :)

  353. Nicky Benton says:

    have liked

  354. Emma J Lowe says:

    liker on facebook

  355. Esther Dalzell says:

    liker on fb and would love to win these!!:)

  356. Mary Hutton says:

    Already liked on facebook – love these!

  357. Julie Boccara says:

    would love to win these x

  358. laura pyper says:

    Done :-)

  359. fiona mcmillan says:

    Liked and shared

  360. jmacphail says:

    fantastic prize in fantastic patriotic colours :)

  361. liked and sharing thankyou

  362. Roxi Fairbank says:


  363. Lucy Carter says:

    I’m a liker on FB

  364. Sharon Bell says:

    already a liker on facebook aka sharon mackem bell :-)

  365. Jo Ruth Turner says:

    Liked xx

  366. cazzy mse (caroline matthews) says:

    liked and shared

  367. Kelly Hanson says:

    Liked :)

  368. sarah sakimoto says:


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