nsm Giveaway: WIN a month’s supply of the NEW Innocent Smoothie Cherries & Strawberries, to celebrate Innocent being the official smoothie of the Olympic Games!!

This giveaway has now closed and the winner is Claire Nutman – BIG congrats to her, and BIG thanks to everyone who entered! There are lots of gorgeous giveaways still open at nonstopmama!!

Strictly speaking, the new Innocent Pure Fruit Smoothie in Cherries & Strawberries is one for the children.


I’m thinking, however, that a few mamas will be tempted to sneak one or two of these, too. Especially if they happen to have a few ‘extra’ in the fridge …

To celebrate the fact that Innocent is THE official smoothie and juice of the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games – woop-woop! – they are generously giving one nonstopmama a month’s supply of this yummy new flavour smoothie, free! 

Innocent will be serving up its famously super-healthy and hydrating smoothies and juices to athletes at the Olympic Village and visitors to the Olympic Park, and I’ll be posting more Olympic updates from Innocent at nonstopmama over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, to enter this great giveaway, just:

1. ‘Like’ the NEW nonstopmama Facebook page!

2.  Leave a comment below this post to let me know you’ve done the above!

It’s that easy-peasy!!

The winner will be chosen at random by computer (we will ask the winner to email us with the address to which her supply of Innocent Smoothies in Cherries & Strawberries should be sent! YUM!!). Please take a moment to read the giveaway rules here.

This giveaway closes at midnight on Tuesday, 31 July 2012.

You can also keep up with what’s happening with Innocent on Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. claire bull says:

    bet thats yummy, would love to win x

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  3. zoe little says:

    Mmm they sound lovely, would love to win xxx

  4. Eleanor Beavan says:

    All done :)

  5. Kirsty Greer says:

    Great comp, all steps completed to enter! x

  6. olivia kirby says:

    Oh I would love to win these for the, er, kids! xx Yummy..spose I could share…

  7. dawn hayzell says:

    these sound so good i may even share with the kids

  8. leah gorman says:

    these smoothies look fab and healthy which is a bonus ….would love to try them x

  9. Helen Thurston says:

    Liked and commented on facebook – lovely giveaway xx

  10. Hayley Kinnaird says:

    Oohhh would love to win this please. Liked and shared on Facebook xx

  11. Nicky Allen says:

    ooo lovely will have to fight my 2 year old for it,liked & shared on facebook

  12. Nicola Seary says:

    Have followed steps 1 and 2,my kids would love this prize.

  13. Lucia Whiteaker says:

    I love these too!!! Liked & shared on Facebook xx

  14. Judith Luscombe says:

    Liked shared and commented, these look yummy, my little granddaughter would love them

  15. Adele knight says:

    Great prize, my son loves them :)

  16. Linzy-lou Alexander says:

    My son loves these – yummy. Liked n shared via FB also.x

  17. Diana Cotter says:

    Liked, shared & commented on Facebook

  18. ann spike says:

    all done – fingers crossed x

  19. Catherine Beckett says:

    Great prize, looks very tasty, i’ll share on facebook but not with my kids :-) well maybe a little x

  20. Elizabeth Wragg says:

    wow great prize.yummy yum!!liked and shared also

  21. Alex says:

    wow! What a great prize! Liked and shared ♥

  22. Su Williams says:

    delicious, kids will love these

  23. Alexandra McGahey says:

    Already like Facebook page and I’ve now commented on the giveaway post there :)

  24. rebecca says:

    great competition liked nd shared

  25. Gemma Turner says:

    This new flavour sounds amazing! So perfect and thirst quenching for Summer! Bring it on!

  26. claire griffiths says:

    yummy :)

  27. Tamaira Hartman says:

    all steps completed :) great prize, i have my fingers crossed!

  28. Debbie Phelps says:

    All done – am I allowed to have some too :-D

  29. Kerry Seery says:

    Have liked and shared…thanks for the great comp x

  30. linda jefferson says:

    have completed all the steps to enter , liked shared and commented , thank you for the chance to win xx

  31. jackie charles says:

    Would love to win this ive liked and shared on facebook great com

  32. Corinne Faulkner says:

    Actioned all – WOW WOW WOW

  33. Peter Henry says:

    All Done.

  34. EMMA WALTERS says:

    commented & shared on fb
    emma walters

  35. Katherine De Riera says:

    Fab competition thankyou! love innocent smoothies!

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  37. Laura says:

    Mmm sounds yummy – fingers crossed. x

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  40. deborah foster says:

    sound delicious must try them!

  41. Sheila Barrett says:

    Berry, berry imaginative – happy to have liked your Facebook page and offered gold medal verdict!


  42. Alex Hedge says:

    Ok, it’s all done. NOW SHOW ME THE SMOOTHIE!!! ;)

  43. Michelle Sykes says:

    I have completed all the steps required. x

  44. Clare Webb says:

    I have liked & commented on facebook :)


  45. Porsche says:

    Thanks, would love to win!! Innocent smoothies are me fave!

  46. Kerry Kirkwood says:

    Yummy would love to win. Have liked and commented on FB. :D

  47. Zoe G says:

    All done, great giveaway

  48. Suzanne Cooke says:

    followed all the steps x

  49. Tracy K Nixon says:

    Mission complete! Thanks!

  50. Aimee Ryan says:

    love innocent smoothies! liked and commented on facebook too :)

  51. Natasha Male says:

    all done!

  52. Kelly says:

    Have entered. I love innocent :)

  53. Lauren says:

    Liked and shared :) x

  54. rebecca jones says:

    would love this! or rather, my children and I would love this! x

  55. claire little says:

    my kids would <3 these :) fantastic prize good luck everyone :)

  56. tina says:

    All done I would really like to win this,my 3yr old loves innocent smoothies : )

  57. Joanne Martin says:

    Great prize, all done

  58. hayley davies says:

    Yummy,all done :)

  59. kellyjo walters says:

    yum these look FAB!

  60. Sarah A Fawcett says:

    Would love to win these for my dad, who’s not eating much at the moment, trying to find new things to tempt him :D

  61. sarah clegg says:

    my kids would love these yummy have done everything asked xx

  62. Rebecca Kingston says:

    Amazing Prize! Have entered, liked on facebook and commented on facebook and here! Would love this! :D

  63. kim kirkwood says:

    would love to win some for my 3 as they love Innocent Smoothie :)

  64. Tracy A Grant says:

    Sounds fantastic, thank you for great give away, xx

  65. Charlotte Mountford says:

    Done all of the required actions :) thankyou x

  66. Paula Phillips says:

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  67. Rachael Simmons says:

    Smooth operator! Would please love to win, thanks a lot! :D

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    done the above x

  70. Janice Davison says:

    All done. Yum

  71. Karen Barrett says:

    Thank you, all done

  72. Heather Haigh says:

    All done. :D

  73. Lucy C-Taylor says:

    done, cherry is a great flavour to have in a smoothie :)

  74. Valerie Hartley says:

    I have done all of the above,

  75. Amy says:

    all done, yum yum x

  76. Dean Beaufoy says:

    All Done

  77. Minnie Mu says:

    liked and shared! great comp!

  78. kerry Locke says:

    Great Giveaway Guys – Liking and sharing on facebook for you xx

  79. Have done all the above. What a fantastic prize – my little girl Mollie loves the new flavour!!!!!

  80. Bernice Snow says:

    I have done all of the above, my kids love Innocent smoothies x

  81. Kirsty Caffrey says:

    Liked page and commented on the giveaway post… my boys love Innocent Smoothies so fab prize x

  82. Kate says:

    These sound delish. Liked and commented on Facebook x

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    all done!

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    liked and shared on Fb, fantastic giveaway, kids would love this and me :) x

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    thanks for a fab comp x

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    liked and shared, now praying!

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    Done the above as instructed x

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    I would love to be in the draw please.

  104. CLAIR says:

    Completed the instructions provided on facebook! Splendid prize!

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    All done xxx

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    Liked, shared….commented x

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    done. liked and shared and commented

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    all done :) x fab yummy prize

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    done all as asked

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    all done, just waiting for prize now

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    I’ve liked and commented on FB for a chance to win :-)

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    Hiya popped over from your facebook page to say loving, liking and sharing x

  118. katrina walsh says:

    Liked shared and entered x

  119. Rachael M says:

    This has been done :)

  120. Rebecca Coates says:

    fab prize

  121. Adele Hill says:

    ✿*゚‘゚・✿Liked and Shared ✿*゚‘゚・✿ ON FACEBOOK
    FAB PRIZE xx

  122. laura evans says:

    all done :) mmmmmmmmmmmmm i’m not sure my son would get much of a look in with these!! I might be tempted to hide them!! ;)

  123. Hilda hazel Wright says:

    Thanks for the competition! Liked the facebook page! Yum!

  124. Jo Williams says:

    Done :-)

  125. Hannah says:

    Liking your Facebook page!

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    All done xxx

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    Done x

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    I was already a fan and also a fan of running having lost 3 stone recently and i could do with a new pair of running trainers so fingers crossed!!

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  229. Instructions followed, would love to win these for my lovely Grandaughter who is living with us whilst her Dad works in Saudi :)

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  370. Vikki Cross says:

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  371. Emma Speers says:

    Love innocent – a great way to make sure the kids are getting something healthy! Liking page x

  372. Pearl Davison says:


  373. sarah clegg says:

    all done xx

  374. kerry thwaite says:

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  379. Maddy says:

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  380. Hannah Jayney Jeffs says:

    Liked you on facebook, hope your enjoying the Games, go Team GB! :D

  381. Elaine Kidd says:

    Like on Facebook. If I win I will have to test a few to make sure they are suitable for my son ;)

  382. michelle stanley says:


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  385. san says:

    another great competition. Great site :)

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  392. Lyn Bosomworth says:

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  393. Deborah Worrall says:

    Already a Facebook fan. Fab prize. We love our smoothies – these would be great for picnics with the kids in the school holidays. Fingers crossed.

  394. Gilla Abrahams says:

    Already a facebook fan. Would love to win this.

  395. JULIE BANKS says:

    Already a facebook fan, just love Innocent smoothies.

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    Already a Facebook fan. Cherries and Strawberries sound scrummy :-)

  427. amanda pickering says:

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  428. Esther Dalzell says:

    Liked on FB and my 3 year old is addicted to Innocent Smoothies :)

  429. andy j says:

    loving all you do

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    already a fan of NSM but love innocent smoothies and need to try these!

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  443. Janet Kam says:

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  444. Jeremy Andrews says:

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    as jrandrews72

  445. claire moran says:

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