nsm Giveaway: WIN one of Mama Mio’s NEW Bootcamp For Arms Kits, launching in Boots next week!

Mama Mio Bootcamp for Arms Kit

This giveaway has now closed. The winners are Alix Johnson and Christina Curtis, big congrats to them!!

Thanks to all for entering – there are more gorgeous giveaways still open (and more to come!!) at nonstopmama!

Launching into Boots stores next Wednesday, 25 July, Mama Mio’s new Bootcamp For Arms Kit (£49.50) is the latest addition to Mama Mio’s expertly edited, trouble-shooting ‘Bootcamp’ bodycare kits (get the scoop on the mamas behind the lovely brand here!).

This time targeting the upper arms, just in time for a sleeveless summer (here’s hoping!!), the new kit includes Mama Mio’s much-loved Omega Body Buff and Skin Tight Toning Serum, and a pair of Double Buff Gloves to get skin looking and feeling fab, PLUS a step-by-step fitness guide, the 4 Minute A Day Exercise System for firmer arms, created in collaboration with top London personal trainer Efua Baker.

And you don’t have to do the whole bootcamp-style shouty thing. Unless you want to, of course …

I’m almost doing bicep curls in excitement, because we’ve got TWO Mama Mio Bootcamp For Arms Kits to give away at nonstopmama!

We’ll be drawing this one, randomly and by computer, next Wednesday, 25 July, when the kit launches in Boots. So, enter while you can!!

To enter the giveaway, this is all you need to do:

1. ‘Like’ the NEW nonstopmama Facebook page!

2.  Leave a comment below this post to let me know you’ve done the above!

That’s it!

The winners will be chosen at random by computer (we will ask them to email us with the address to which their Mama Mio Bootcamp For Arms Kits should be sent!). Please take a moment to read the giveaway rules here.

This giveaway closes at midnight on Wednesday 25 July 2012.

For more information about Mama Mio range and to order online, click over to the website. You can also follow Mama Mio on Facebook and Twitter!

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315 Responses to “nsm Giveaway: WIN one of Mama Mio’s NEW Bootcamp For Arms Kits, launching in Boots next week!”

  1. Sherin Mashud says:

    I would love to win this fantastic comp!

  2. julie says:

    liked and shared :)

  3. keren mary curran says:

    great competition

  4. claire turner says:

    liked n shared on fb, fingers crossed x

  5. Laura Ste says:

    Wow this looks amazing! Have liked and shared on Facebook :) x

  6. Jill Webb says:

    wow could do with winning this shared as well

  7. Rosaleen W says:

    Brillant competion

  8. Helen Jacob-Lloyd says:

    Great competition, liked :)

  9. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    another fantastic giveaway – thank you

  10. Julie Boccara says:

    Love liked shared x

  11. Emma Jackson says:

    Liked, now plz help my bingo wings!

  12. Juli Savage says:

    Great prize to win – fingers crossed

  13. anna marikar says:

    looks good

  14. Done & fingers crossed, just what I need for my bingo wings lol

  15. karen egan says:

    Liked! Could do with this prize!!

  16. Tracy Waldock Newton says:

    I would love to try this.

  17. zeena koudil says:

    already a fan of your page :) would love to win this the top of my arms is the bit of me that drives me the craziest

  18. Joey Leung says:


  19. Linda Rumsey says:


  20. Rachael G says:

    I already like the facebook page. Could really do with this prize! x

  21. cheryl lovell says:

    would love this :)

  22. Angela mckeznie says:

    liked and shared :0)

  23. Julia Gray says:

    already like you on facebook :)

  24. Caroline Walsh says:

    liked n shared

  25. Sharon Hingley says:

    This looks fab :) Already like you on Facebook.

  26. janet ashworth says:

    Fab Prize, would love to win this as I really need it, fingers crossed, good luck everyone, x

  27. iain maciver says:

    already liking

  28. Claire Smith says:

    Already liking – Claire M. Smith

  29. Candida Nichols says:

    Sounds like a great idea and would love a chance to try ;-)

  30. Samantha Atherton says:

    I’ve Liked, would love to win it sounds great.

  31. Karen Harrison says:

    Great prize, luck everyone!

  32. clare davies says:

    liking!! x what a fab giveaway

  33. Debbie Gillespie says:

    Thanks for a lovely giveway. Already liked your page and shared with friends x

  34. jake lyon says:

    Liked and shared

  35. Rachael Simmons says:

    lovely giveaway, this would be fantastic for my bingo wings, so I can sort them out in time for my wedding! Thanks a lot :D

  36. Maya Russell says:

    I have liked the FB page.

  37. Silvia says:


  38. Diana Cotter says:

    This is exactly what I need.
    I already like the FB page :)

  39. Aimee Ryan says:

    Already a facebook fan :) This sounds GREAT! x

  40. Sam Swain says:


  41. Nicola Brooks says:

    Done it nonstopmama, thanks for the competition :-)

  42. kristy brown says:

    Fantastic comp. Already a liker and have shared x

  43. gary wilson says:

    liked facebook page.

  44. fiona harrris says:

    Lovely prize as usual from you guys!! x

  45. Tracy Baker says:

    already liked … im glad i found you, you have great competitions

  46. Loving this !!! Fingers crossed !!! xxx

  47. rebecca says:

    all done

  48. Isabel O'Brien says:

    I already liked your page but I would like it twice if I could! :)

  49. claire woods says:

    Done as clairesamuel

  50. lynn harley says:

    already done. omg if only you knew what this priz would mean to me ……x

  51. lynn harley says:

    oops, ‘ prize’ even haha

  52. maddalena dalton says:

    liked xx

  53. margaret welsh says:

    liked,nice facebook page!!!!!!!!!!!x

  54. EMMA CELLA says:


  55. sarah gray says:

    liked your lovely facebook page

  56. Ally Thackray says:

    it’s done

  57. jen says:

    Liked the page already, would love to try this, it looks like it could be very interesting as there are no other products like it at the moment so comparing it to a basic body wash/oil/butter to see if it is as amazing as it looks.

  58. wayne says:

    liked your facebook page

  59. Nathalie Taylor says:

    Liked on Facebook :) xxx

  60. Cherryl Thomas says:

    All done.

  61. jackie curran says:

    Have liked on facebook.

  62. Karen Richards says:

    Liked Facebook page

  63. Elizabeth Smith says:


  64. rebecca fahy says:

    Fab prize, shared on fb x

  65. Patricia Edwards says:

    Have liked

  66. sal hall says:

    great prize, thanks

  67. Michelle McCulloch says:

    fingers crossed x

  68. Caroline Mcgovern says:

    Already a liker of your fab page. I’ve shared it with all of my friends. Thank you xx

  69. kerry Locke says:

    Liking away – Great Giveaway xx

  70. Karen R says:

    I’ve liked you!

  71. siobhan marie says:

    done x

  72. Sarah Walford says:


  73. Ali Thorpe says:

    I am already a liker of your Facebook page :D

  74. Emma Zajac says:

    Already a fan :)

  75. simone lee says:

    liked shared great givaway good luck to all

  76. Jenny says:


  77. Lannette Clifford says:

    Liked :)

  78. lucy clark says:

    Hi I already like you , so i’ve shared the page with my friends :) – this prize looks fab!

  79. kelly ward says:

    Have liked and tweeted! @bluekit15

    Fab prize – I could really do with this to get my arms ready for wedding dress!


  80. Anita says:


  81. julia brown says:


  82. sukyee norris says:

    Liked.Hope I win.Am a new convert to Mamma Mia

  83. Maria Jane Knight says:

    Already a liking :) as Maria Jane Knight

  84. alison reid says:


  85. portlandbelle jay says:

    liked, and every finger crossed x

  86. Elly Starfire says:

    I “Like”d the page. Just wish there was a “Love” button too! ^_^

  87. Keith says:

    Liked Stan theman

  88. Isabel Andraca says:

    Hi! I just liked your Facebook page! :)


  89. Jacqueline M Herring says:

    As Jacqueline M Herring ^_^

  90. sarah davison says:

    Have liked the facebook page xx

  91. Nicole T says:

    Liked you on fb!

  92. Rachael ozimek says:

    Already liked it :)

  93. Christina Chad-Whitehead says:

    Liked and loved! Thanks! :)

  94. diana says:


  95. catherine geraghty says:


  96. laura says:


  97. Dee Blythe says:

    Ive liked and shared and would love to win too x

  98. Sarah Spencer says:


  99. Geoffrey Baker says:


  100. Sherry Poppy Owen says:

    Liked on facebook :)

  101. Órlaith Tobin says:


  102. Linda Hickson says:

    I definitely need this! Have liked page. Thank you

  103. Rich Sollick says:

    Already a liker, my wife would love this!

  104. rebecca jackson-makin says:

    My arms are more like wings lol so i would love this, liked on FB x

  105. Rhoda says:

    Liked. Fab prize.

  106. Zoe Hope says:

    Great prize x

  107. tracey ryder says:

    liked x

  108. Angela Mckenzie says:

    Liked :)

  109. Kelly Hanson says:

    Liked :)

  110. charlotte wilde says:

    Liked :)

  111. sal hall says:


  112. Jackie Brown says:

    Liked! Have a good day x

  113. Donna Lawton says:

    I have already liked you a while back so not sure if that still enters me. :-) x

  114. Michelle Sykes says:

    Liked on facebook

  115. Edward says:


  116. sarah preston says:

    liked :) x

  117. Liked & fingers crossed <3 great prize

  118. Susan Harrison says:

    Already a liker :)

  119. Francesca Light-Wilson says:

    Hello, I’ve liked your Facebook page too :-)

  120. elaine stokes says:

    liked x x x x x

  121. julie says:

    liked and sharing on facebook :)

  122. Alix Johnson says:

    I like nonstopmama on facebook:)

  123. Lynne OConnor says:

    Already a fan on Facebook x

  124. Yvonne Crook says:

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  125. Katy C Johnston says:

    Just what one needs for these flabby bingo wings!

  126. diane findlay says:


  127. Vicky Tennick says:

    loved and liked x

  128. Stacey Sheppard says:

    Liked! :D

  129. Sarah Hall says:

    Liked :)

  130. michelle muirhead says:

    already liked… great blog, fab prize :)

  131. kim mayhead says:

    All done .

  132. lorraine dunne says:

    liked on Facebook

  133. russ says:


  134. Kellie Faggle McIntyre says:

    Liked on fb : )

  135. Shazza Curran says:

    I have liked your Facebook page. Thank you for running the competition :o)

  136. RHIAN THORN says:

    I have “liked ” your page – pls enter me in this comp.

  137. Linz Wileman says:

    Liked on FB xx

  138. Victoria Riley says:

    Liked and pinned :)

  139. Mary says:


  140. Julie Whitehead says:

    I already like your facebook page. I didn’t know something like this existed, it looks brilliant. Thanks x

  141. Richard Talbot-Ashby says:

    Would love to win something fab for my gorgeous girl, fab give-aways!

  142. NICOLA TERRY says:

    Already like on Facebook

  143. Gemma Tranter says:

    I’m liking your FB page :-) x

  144. Anna Ling says:

    Liked :-)

  145. kellyjo walters says:

    fab … am sharing :)

  146. Hayley Morris Todd says:

    Hi, I’m a long-time liker of your page on FB :-) This kit looks absolutely fantastic and I definitely need it! I have recently lost over 2 and a half stone and my arms definitely need some work!

  147. Natalie Cross says:

    Liked. Lovely prize!

  148. girlfriend would love this If I won.
    liking on facebook :)

  149. Kate Cunningham says:


  150. Christina Curtis says:

    I have liked. What a great giveaway.

  151. Nick Hopkins says:

    Liked on FB

  152. Gillian Holmes says:

    I like you on Facebook as Gillian Holmes.

  153. Victoria leedham says:

    Already liked

  154. vivian allman says:

    i have liked your new page…my arms are in need of this.. thanks for the opportunity :)

  155. Lorna says:

    already a fan of your page :) done :)

  156. Shelley Jessup says:

    Im already a fan ‘Shelley Jessup’ Just wanted to say thanks too x

  157. sarah sakimoto says:


  158. KIERAN WALSH says:

    all ready a follower, please enter me for contest, thanks

  159. Joy Dehany says:

    Hiya, tis meeee

    These look cool xx already like yer page on the ol’ FB.

  160. Heather Walsh says:

    I like on facebook, Thanks.

  161. zoe calloway says:

    i have liked on facebook x

  162. Lynn Tibby says:

    Have liked on facebook!

  163. Kerry Brown says:

    i already like your new fb page! Kerry Original Brown x

  164. Sara Bella says:

    Liked your fb page!

  165. leah finch says:

    loving the Facebook page, giveaways..and life ..

  166. Christina says:

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  167. margaret welsh says:

    liked great giveaway!!!!

  168. sue willshee says:

    Me & my bingo wings have liked your facebook page ;-)

  169. Colette Burgess says:

    Done :o) (Colette Burgess)

  170. Emily Fowler says:

    This looks great! Like the Facebook page

  171. Cas Philip says:

    Liked facebook page

  172. Nick Hopkins says:

    Already like on Facebook

  173. Susan Bennett says:

    Need the product for my bingo wings please

  174. Keith says:


  175. catherine beckett says:

    love this giveaway thanks muchly xx

  176. alex fowler says:

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  177. lorraine polley says:

    have liked on facebook, what a lovely giveaway

  178. olivia kirby says:

    Fabulous! Am a liker on Facebook

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    already liked the page :-)

  180. Samantha Ripley says:

    already following the new page as Samantha Ripley :)

  181. Megan McCarthy says:

    Already liked on FB. Time to banish bingo-wings!

  182. Sheri Darby says:

    I already like you on Facebook

  183. Trish Ormerod says:

    I’m a Facebook fan

  184. DJK says:

    Like you on Facebook

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  186. Carol G says:

    Have liked on facebooy great give away

  187. Christina Field says:

    Im a fan of facebook

  188. im a fan already thank you

  189. lorraine stone says:

    LIKED, facebook fan x

  190. kerry Locke says:

    Liked xx

  191. Helen says:

    Liked xx

  192. Nicole says:

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  193. Paula Green says:

    cracking giveaway

  194. Rebecca Kingston says:

    Already am a liker, so I have indeedy like the Facebook page!!

  195. Tracy Brown says:

    I have liked the page

  196. Olu Balogun says:

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  197. Karen Donald says:

    Liked on fb – Karen MSE Donald

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    ooh! this looks so interesting, what a good idea. Am already a liker of your facebook page

  204. Sarah Parker says:

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  205. Lorna says:

    Already liked, thanks :-)

  206. Cheryl Edwards says:

    liked fb page, please i need this prize!

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    I already like on Facebook x

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  213. Summer Davidson says:

    I’ve liked your page on facebook. This is such a great prize, fantastic idea and good luck everyone :)

  214. Jaseos Harpos says:

    I’ve liked on Facebook

  215. tina marie mckenna says:


  216. Heather Magill says:

    Hi liked your fb page!

  217. Joanna Sawka says:

    done it

  218. Jayne says:

    have liked x

  219. diane findlay says:

    fb liker :@)

  220. Sue Robinson says:

    All done :)

  221. Jane Middleton says:

    already like on facebook

  222. Kira Northmore says:

    I’ve liked you! :-)

  223. Peter Gilby says:

    all done :)

  224. Paul Witney says:

    Already a fan – the wife would love this

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    Already like you on Facebook :)

  229. hayley williams says:

    done! x

  230. angela sandhu says:

    already like x

  231. Sherry Poppy Owen says:

    Already liked your facebook page :) Absolutely love this prize! Have lost 7 stone & feel fab but my arms are shocking! Scared to go sleeveless in case I slap someone round the face with the bingo wings lol x

  232. Jo Boyd says:

    I’ve liked the new page.

  233. Dee Johnson says:

    Already a fan

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    already loving the new facebook page :)

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    Would love to win this.

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    I’ve liked your new facebook page too – Cheers

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  245. Sue Warr says:

    Liked the facebook page and love this competition!

  246. steve hallett says:

    I’m in – liked

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  248. Kate Cunningham says:

    Liked on Facebook

  249. susannah southurst says:

    great prize have liked and peeked at facebook

  250. Judy Wright says:

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  251. Fee Lynne Edwards says:

    i’ve liked your Facebook page xx

  252. lana leman says:


  253. Hilda Hazel Wright says:

    Hi, I’m already a ‘liker’ on your facebook page. Thanks for the competition!

  254. Susannah Glover says:

    I like the nonstopmama facebook page.

  255. Sue S says:

    Already a FB liker. :)

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  257. Victoria Cunniff says:

    Was already a fan :-) Great products

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  259. Rebecca mercer says:

    Liked on Facebook, good luck everyone

  260. c tindale says:

    liked already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  261. Susan Crosswaite says:

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  262. anne tiernan says:

    already like you

  263. Caroline Cambridge says:

    Liked your facebook page – great prize (could definitely do with some upper arm toning!)

  264. becky fahy says:

    Liked and shared on fb x

  265. Allan Smith says:

    Done. Thank you.

  266. Hayley Cunningham says:

    Perfect prize..liked on facebook :) xx

  267. lisa williams says:

    already a liker of your fab page nd this product sounds great. bye bye bingo wings ;)

  268. SHEILA GLASS says:



  269. Emma Weaver says:

    already a fan

  270. shirley leah harpley says:

    Have liked thank you.

  271. Kate Sabin says:

    Liked! Great giveaway x

  272. Victoria leedham says:

    Already liked :)

  273. jen louise jackson says:

    I have liked the page


    Liked already (Becca Townsend)

  275. Jackie ONeill says:

    I have liked

  276. linda says:

    ♥♥ fab prize ♥♥ liked n shared ♥♥Thank You ♥♥

  277. Joanne Crosby says:

    have liked x

  278. san says:

    already liked, great giveaway

  279. What a great prize! liked and shared. Good Luck everyone!

  280. Sarah Hay says:

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  281. Sheila Reeves says:

    Already liked :)

  282. Emily Hutchinson says:

    I’ve done that! Thanks :)

  283. I like the nonstopmama! facebook page ( in fact I love it )

  284. Nellie Coleddells says:

    Already liked xxx

  285. Else Hepburn says:

    Great giveaway! Liked the nonstopmama facebook page ;-)

  286. Clare H says:

    I already like the page

  287. barbara shaw says:

    Been a good girl – done as told – thank-you

  288. Andrea K says:


  289. Vivien Baird says:

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  290. sarah clegg says:

    i like your fb page :)

  291. Tracy says:

    FB page liked :o)

  292. Juli Savage says:

    Love and Liked x

  293. Becky neary says:

    done it!

  294. sandra smith says:

    hope I am not too late, like like & liked :-)

  295. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    another fab giveaway

  296. Hayley Fountain says:

    great giveaway. I’m already a fb follower. x

  297. Katrina Wakelin says:

    Already done

  298. Dawn Break says:

    this would be very useful!! xx

  299. Jay Scales says:

    Have liked! Would love to try this :D

  300. Rachael G says:

    I have liked! Fab giveaway.

  301. Alice Matthews says:

    Liked :)

  302. claire fawkner says:


  303. Gilla Abrahams says:

    Already liked.

  304. Laura Williams says:

    Hello! I am a liker of your page :-) would love to give my arms a bootcamp overhaul!!! I have always hated my arms… I reckon I could learn to love them again with this great prize! :-) thank you! :-) x

  305. Caroline H says:

    Liked and shared!

  306. Anthea Holloway says:

    I like your facebook page!

  307. Tracey Quinn says:

    all done thanks xx

  308. SE Wu says:

    Liked! :D

  309. sarah sakimoto says:


  310. Alex says:

    ♥ liked on facebook ♥

  311. Sameera says:


  312. Tiredmummy says:

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