nsm Go For Gold Giveaway Week! Day Three, WIN a LCN Gold Fever Lip Gloss!


This giveaway has now closed and the winners are Lila Taylor, Stephanie Tsang and Linda Johnson! Big congrats to them, and thanks to ALL who entered – there are many more gorgeous giveaways still open at nonstopmama!!

It’s Day Three of the nonstopmama Go For Gold Giveaway Week - YAY!!

Today, we’ve got three gold lip shines from the online beauty company LCN to give away!

The Lip Glosses in Gold Fever (worth £11.45 each) can be worn alone, for a sheer golden shimmer, or on top of another lip colour as a golden, highlighting sheen!

To enter this giveaway, simply:

1. ‘Like’ the NEW nonstopmama Facebook page!

2.  Leave a comment below this post to let me know you’ve done the above!

That’s it!

The winners will be chosen at random by computer (we’ll ask them to email us with the address to which their LCN Lip Gloss in Gold Fever should be sent!). Please take a moment to read the giveaway rules here.

This giveaway will close at midday on Wednesday 1 August, 2012.

Look out for a fab and fun ‘golden’ giveaway, EVERY DAY at nonstopmama, running daily until this Friday – we’ll draw them all next week (woop-woop!!).

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334 Responses to “nsm Go For Gold Giveaway Week! Day Three, WIN a LCN Gold Fever Lip Gloss!”

  1. kim richardson says:

    Liked page- love comp.

  2. Lisa King says:

    Already a fan of your FB page, I currently dont own any lip gloss so would love to win :)

  3. michaela britton says:


  4. Gemma j brown says:

    fab shade :o)

  5. Eleanor Beavan says:

    Already a Fan, great competition and gorgeous lip gloss :)

  6. Haley Marie Davies says:

    Done – x

  7. Emma Weaver says:

    already a fb fan x

  8. Alexandra McGahey says:

    Already like you on Facebook :)

  9. Cherryl Thomas says:

    Done and can’t wait to see the winners!

  10. vivien pawson says:

    looks great

  11. Vicky Tennick says:

    lovely prize :-)

  12. Nickie C says:

    done, yay! :)

  13. Linda Rumsey says:

    Done – great prize!

  14. Zoe Hope says:

    Already a liker – loving your work xx

  15. great prize! good luck everyone!

  16. Rosaleen W says:

    Done :)

  17. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    another great competition x

  18. Rebecca Claridge says:

    done x

  19. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    Loved. Tracy Hanson (on FB)

  20. linda says:

    done ♥♥ fab prize ♥♥ liked n shared ♥♥Thank You ♥♥

  21. Julie Paton says:

    Liked the facebook page :) like the shiny prize too x

  22. Helen Thurston says:

    like facebook page already – love the giveaway x

  23. michelle muirhead says:

    already like facebook page, great competition

  24. chloe rollason says:

    would sooo love to win this what a gorgeous colour ! xxx

  25. Susan El Carter says:

    I’d like to Go for Gold – & I’m already a fB fan

  26. helen battle says:

    already done :)

  27. Heather Magill says:

    Like your fb page!

  28. Candida Nichols says:

    Liked shared and generally Glowed about the competition;-D

  29. Edith says:

    Love your facebook page.

  30. Gill says:

    Liked fb page

  31. Kayleigh Comp Mayhew says:

    Already a fan :)

  32. Claire Power says:

    Liked!!! Fab prize

  33. Leanne Lunn says:

    I already like your page :)

  34. Amii Matthews says:

    I have liked the page. Thank you for the giveaway x

  35. Lee Davis says:


  36. Caroline Walsh says:


  37. Sandra Siddall says:

    Liked :)

  38. Ali Thorpe says:

    Perfect shade to wear on golden skin this summer!

    PS I am already a Facebook follower.

  39. Debbie Gillespie says:

    Lovely golden shade. I’m already a fan of your Facebook page.

  40. Sheila Reeves says:

    already like!

  41. Linda Drury says:

    liked – and love the lipgloss

  42. elaine stokes says:

    liked and loved and facebook x x x x x

  43. Keith says:


  44. EMMA CELLA says:


  45. margaret scott says:

    Already liked so that’s me done

  46. Isabel O'Brien says:

    I already like your page!

  47. Fiona lugiano says:

    All done,

  48. caroline james says:

    Liked the FB page!

  49. maureen findley says:


  50. Paula-Jayne McConnell says:

    love this colour! Already a fan x

  51. Kate Cunningham says:

    done – thanks

  52. anna says:


  53. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse says:

    I already like the Facebook page.

  54. vicky garrett says:

    :-) fingers crossed one time i win :-)

  55. Tracy Nixon says:

    ♥ (>’.”.’<) ♥

  56. barbara shaw says:

    Done as asked – thank-you

  57. anthony harrington says:


  58. Nia Wyn Roberts says:

    already a liker! xx

  59. lana leman says:


  60. Helen says:

    Liked xx

  61. nisha koya says:

    All done :)

  62. susie mccue says:


  63. Christina Field says:

    liked and shared

  64. Sarah Birkett says:


  65. Megan McCarthy says:

    Already liked. Thanks!

  66. Kim Sly says:

    liked on FB

  67. Catherine Owen says:

    Already a liker :)

  68. Lesley W says:

    Liked and Shared ♥♥ That is a really great colour for Summer, it would look great on paler as well as darker skin tones. Good luck everyone! :)

  69. Samantha Holloway says:


  70. Jenny Harper says:

    Liked (jaseos harpos)

  71. JoC says:

    Liked on Facebook a while now…:)

  72. Astrid James says:

    Already liked:)

  73. Rebecca Kingston says:

    Already am a liker :)

  74. jenni thorpe says:

    am already a facebook liker :-)

  75. karen d says:

    i’m a facebook fan

  76. Justine Pateman says:

    Already liked. Also love all this shiney stuff. Great job nonstopmamma.xxx

  77. deedee says:

    already a fan

  78. Jen Rogers says:


  79. kady newell says:

    already liked <3

  80. Joanne Dawkins says:


  81. sandra smith says:

    fab! x liked & shared :-)

  82. Geraldine O'Gorman says:


  83. lucy osborne says:

    already a liker x

  84. Heather Haigh says:

    Done. :)

  85. Dawn Break says:

    done as requested. Thanks for the giveaways xx

  86. Trish Ormerod says:

    I’m a Facebook fan

  87. claire fawkner says:

    I’m a facebook fan x

  88. di dilly says:

    I’ve liked x

  89. Rachel Bramley says:

    Done :)

  90. claire woods says:

    Done – clairesamuel

  91. Kaylou Compy says:

    Done. <3 it.

  92. Steph Hoult says:

    All done xx

  93. angela sandhu says:

    have liked x

  94. Gilla Abrahams says:

    Already a fan.

  95. Mia Thurlow says:

    Liked :-)

  96. Nicole says:

    Already following

  97. Lynn Blakeman says:

    Already a fan :-)

  98. Peter Gilby says:


  99. Sarah-Jane Laycock says:

    Fab, already a liker x

  100. kristy brown says:

    All done x

  101. diane findlay says:

    liked on fb

  102. Leana Beegum says:

    Liked nonstopmama on facebook and have followed on twitter xx

  103. Francesca Light-Wilson says:

    I’ve liked your Facebook page :-)

  104. Hannah Almond says:

    I have liked your Facebook page !! xx

  105. Phil Darling says:

    I’m a liker too

  106. Joanne Mapp says:

    Already like your page. Great giveaway x

  107. Janice Davison says:

    already a fan

  108. anne tiernan says:

    already liked and shared

  109. Lin Daubney says:

    All done x

  110. Rich Sollick says:

    Already a liker :)

  111. anna marikar says:

    looks great. already a liker on fb

  112. Roseanne Brenton says:


  113. Dianne says:

    Already a ‘liker’

  114. Lynne OConnor says:

    liked x

  115. Lauren Pilkington says:

    Already a fan x

  116. Allan Smith says:

    Liked. Thanks

  117. Stephanie Tsang says:

    I have liked.

  118. Li Young says:

    llipsmackinthirstquenchinacetastinmotivatingoodbuzzincooltalkinhighwalkinfastlivinevergivincoolfizzinLCN Gold Fever Lip Gloss!

  119. Ellie Bromilow says:

    new liker (followed Leanne Lunn here) thanks for the fab compx

  120. Rachael says:

    all done thank you @)

  121. Valerie Hartley says:

    Liked & shared the NEW nonstopmama Facebook page!

  122. Karen R says:


  123. kelly woolfrey says:

    im a liker!!

  124. Tracey Brotherton says:

    All done :-)

  125. alison reid says:

    looks fab…liked on fb

  126. adele knight says:

    All done, would love to try this!

  127. Juli Savage says:

    Liked cos a girl can not have too much lip gloss

  128. Angela Mckenzie says:

    Liked :0)

  129. Jodie Bruce says:


  130. Anita says:

    Already a facebook fan. The lipglosses look great.

  131. hayley says:


  132. Jayne K says:

    Liked you on Facebook

  133. Jill Webb says:

    all done fab prize

  134. Anthea Holloway says:

    I have liked!

  135. Jennifer Taylor says:

    Nice! Thank you – have liked the FB page

  136. Lorna says:

    all done :) x

  137. Hilda hazel Wright says:

    Thanks, I already like your facebook page.

  138. pauline hill says:

    nice prize all done


    Already a fan! xoxo

  140. sarah sakimoto says:

    liked and shared!

  141. Lynda MibsXX Johnson says:

    Liking very much, a fab page, lots of useful tips

  142. kim mayhead says:

    I like you already

  143. Margaret says:

    ✩ Liked ✩

  144. Julie Kenny says:

    already a liker :-) thanks for the chance to win xx

  145. emma wellman says:

    liked muchly already cause i love girlie things! good luck all x

  146. Helen M Porter says:

    fantastic i already like your fab page thanks x

  147. Debbie Timms says:

    Already liked! x

  148. Tracey Quinn says:

    all done thanks xx

  149. Bridget Anderson says:

    Liking!! :o)

  150. SE Wu says:

    Liked! ^_^

  151. jackie curran says:

    I have already liked .

  152. Shelley Jessup says:

    Ooo love the looks of this ~ already a fan x

  153. sarah gray says:

    this looks a-mazeballs. x

  154. scarlet26 says:

    wow looks gorgeous!! x x x

  155. Kelly Koya says:

    have liked, count me in please! x

  156. Elizabeth Smith says:

    I’m liking

  157. Donna Lawton says:

    Already liked your page. :-) x

  158. Linda Hickson says:

    this is lovely x page already liked x

  159. Rachael M says:

    Already liking

  160. Laura says:

    Already liked :) beautiful x

  161. Alix Johnson says:

    I’m a Facebook fan:)

  162. vicky garrett says:


  163. Diana Cotter says:

    Already like your FB page.

  164. pj jones says:

    want this lush lip gloss

  165. Kirsty Hall says:

    already liking

  166. katrina walsh says:

    liked on facebook x

  167. rachael jones mann says:

    all ready liked , love ! xx

  168. Kelly Young says:

    liked (my facebook – kelly yung)

  169. Julie Davies says:


  170. siobhan marie says:

    done xx

  171. Jo McPherson says:

    Have liked, thanks



  173. Esther Dalzell says:

    liked and would love to win :-)

  174. Clare H says:

    Have liked

  175. russ says:


  176. Gemma Tranter says:

    liked :-)

  177. Jules Compington says:

    Already a fan :)

  178. wayne says:


  179. Sheri Darby says:

    I already Like you

  180. fiona waterworth says:


  181. margaret welsh says:

    liked ,looks good xxx

  182. Claire Butler says:

    already a FB liker

  183. Alison says:

    Im already a liker :)

  184. Hannah Beadle says:

    I have liked your facebook page x

  185. Jacqui S says:

    Liked on FB

  186. Rhiannon Jenkins says:

    have already liked!

  187. Christina says:

    Liked and shared

  188. Chris Turner says:

    Liked on FB – these look great!

  189. Samantha Atherton says:


  190. lynn lewer says:


  191. Amanda Richardson says:


  192. Sharon Arnott says:

    Already a liker

  193. Sarah says:

    Have liked, love it x

  194. Christine OPrey says:

    Already a fan xx

  195. Michelle Sykes says:

    I already like you on facebook x

  196. Lou Chambers says:

    Liked your new page :-)

  197. KIERAN WALSH says:

    all ready following on facebookm, thanks for all these great contests, liked & shared

  198. Sam B says:

    Liked! x

  199. sarah clegg says:

    done :)

  200. kerry thwaite says:

    liked on facebook :))

  201. Eleanor Powell says:

    already following!

  202. Lisa Mundy says:

    Already like FB

  203. Anne Nash says:

    Liked and sharing

  204. Sarah Bull says:

    Love this! Great for a summer make up kit.

  205. Rebecca Murkin says:


  206. Liam Stephens says:


  207. Paula Phillips says:

    Following your page.

  208. elisa wright says:

    Liked under my facebook name Ellie Wright

  209. Hannah Jayney Jeffs says:

    Liked you on facebook, hope your enjoying the Games, go Team GB! :D

  210. Sue Hunt says:

    All done :D

  211. michelle stanley says:


  212. Carolynn Woodland says:


  213. kerry shaw says:


  214. Isabelle Smith says:


  215. lorraine polley says:


  216. Janine Atkin says:

    already a liker on facebook x

  217. Deborah Worrall says:


  218. rennene hartland says:


  219. Jacqui S says:


  220. Emma J Lowe says:

    facebook liker

  221. Linda Smyth says:


  222. lila b taylor says:

    Am a liker :)

  223. Gemma Clark says:

    already liking on fb ty

  224. Diane Graham says:

    facebook fan

  225. Beth Bowdler says:


  226. alana grocutt says:

    done :)

  227. Alexandra Henderson says:

    Liked! :) great site xo

  228. Susan Harrison says:

    Liking on Facebook :)

  229. Hannah Whitling says:

    already liking on facebook

  230. Shannon Wilson says:

    Liked :)

  231. Phyllis Ellett says:

    Already liking on Facebook

  232. June Gaynor says:


  233. Kerrie Vella says:

    i have already liked on facebook :)

  234. Dawn Walsh says:


  235. Aimee Ryan says:

    already like on fb :)

  236. Kelly Hooper says:

    liked your new page

  237. Felicity S says:

    Liked the facebook page as Felicity Sutton

  238. sue willshee says:

    already a liker on facebook :-)

  239. Cathy says:

    Liked ♥

  240. Craig Havery says:

    liked and shared

  241. claire little says:

    already follow :)

  242. Maria Jane Knight says:

    Liking on Facebook as Maria Jane Knight :)

  243. Claire Trevor says:

    Already liked on facebook:)

  244. Alice Hindley says:

    I have‘Liked’ the NEW nonstopmama Facebook page!

  245. laura says:

    Already a happy facebook follower !

  246. Agata P says:

    Already a happy facebook fan



  248. Gary Martindale says:

    Already liked on facebook for my wife

  249. Elaine says:

    Thanks for the super comp …that lippy looks and sounds amazing!
    Have liked your FB page …i’m Ele Wilson on there :) x

  250. Beth Cannon says:

    Have liked on facebook, I love make-up!

  251. Kirsty Norton says:

    I have liked and Facebook! What a gorgeous lip gloss!

  252. Lucy Carter says:


  253. Cath G says:


  254. yasmine choudhry says:

    have already liked yoour facebook page
    thank you

  255. Karen Barrett says:

    I have liked the NEW nonstopmama Facebook page!
    Karen Barrrett

  256. kayleigh louise says:

    am a facebook fan! this looks lush x

  257. Julie Picton says:

    Liked on Facebook

  258. emma middleton says:

    Already a fan :-)

  259. Stephanie Buckridan says:

    Already a fan

  260. Sarah Mills says:

    have done :)

  261. Anne-Marie Brookes says:


  262. Laura Burns says:


  263. olivia kirby says:

    ooh love these! like on FB xx

  264. antonia says:

    liked on fb

  265. rebecca smith says:

    im a fan :)

  266. Sarah Hall says:

    liked on facebook :)

  267. Martin Rusby says:


  268. jacqueline says:

    Already liked & loved :-)

  269. Jen Bell says:

    Liked on facebook :)

  270. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    I’ve liked on FB.

  271. DENISE WILDEN says:

    liked on facebook

  272. Carolina J. says:

    I like your FB page.

  273. clare davies says:

    liking on facebook loving the lip gloss so pretty x

  274. Rishona Taylor says:

    Liked and shared- about time I discovered the hidden secrets to looking good as a busy mum of two littluns!

  275. Jane Adair says:

    Already a facebook fan x

  276. Christine Mutter says:

    Already a fan

  277. Paul Witney says:

    Already a fan

  278. Gillian Batey says:

    Already a fan!

  279. Hannah Summers says:

    Done : )

  280. Jan Halstead says:


  281. Judith Luscombe says:

    Love gold makeup in particular gold eyeshadow, but would love to try gold lip gloss, am sure it will lucky lovely at Xmas

  282. Judith Luscombe says:

    liked too

  283. Jill Mann says:

    I am a fan, thanks for the fab giveaway

  284. Sue Lempkowski says:

    liked on facebook

  285. Hay Turner says:

    liked on facebook

  286. Cathryn Bowen says:

    liked on fb xx

  287. Jo Bryan says:

    Already a FB fan Jo Bryan

  288. nikki reynolds says:

    liked on facebook nikki kay reynolds :)

  289. Nicole says:

    Have liked on facebook!!

  290. Joanna Sawka says:

    Have already liked on facebook

  291. Samantha Ripley says:

    following on facebook

  292. Lyn Bosomworth says:

    I have liked and Facebook!

  293. liked and would love glossy lips :)

  294. Deborah Bird says:

    I am already a liker :) x

  295. Rachel Blackburn says:

    already a fan on facebook

  296. tracey king says:

    looks lovely x

  297. sarah says:

    liked :)

  298. Chris Onion says:

    Already follower :-)

  299. becky fahy says:

    Shared on fb x

  300. Linda says:

    Fan on Facebook

  301. Jodie Bruce says:


  302. claire bull says:

    liking xxxx

  303. Angela Morgan says:

    already liked on facebook

  304. Jackie ONeill says:

    already liked on FB

  305. Fingers crossed, fab prize <3

  306. Rebecca mercer says:

    Already like on facebook

  307. Sarah Parker says:

    I have liked on fb :)

  308. jenna rothen says:

    already liked on Facebook

  309. Irene Murdoch says:


  310. Sylvia Paul says:

    Liked x

  311. Andrea Morton says:


  312. helen newton says:

    All Done x x x

  313. Ali Louise Clifford says:

    liked xx

  314. shelly hollorn says:


  315. tina marie mckenna says:

    great prize

  316. jessica newman says:

    done :)

  317. Jodie Bruce says:

    Liked xx

  318. Tracy Baker says:

    i love your page x

  319. Sarah says:

    I’ve liked (already a fan).

  320. samantha rae says:

    liked and love it

  321. Chris Onion says:

    Already liked on facey :-)

  322. Linda Johnson says:

    woohoo, thank you so much, it arrived today and is lovely

  323. nonstopmama says:

    Oh thanks SO much for letting us know, Linda – hope you really enjoy!! Jen XX

  324. julie lorraine thomas says:

    Already a fan of your page and blog, lovely giveaway – thank you for organising!

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