nsm Go For Gold Giveaway Week! WIN Xen-Tan’s Scent Secure Gold with 24 K Gold Leaf!

This giveaway has now closed and the winners are Susanna Callaghan and Tina Field. Congrats to them and thanks SO much to everyone who entered, and there are many more gorgeous giveaways still open at nonstopmama!!

It’s finally here – Day Five of our Go For Gold Giveaway week!!!

And WOW have we a got a goodie to end the week in style!!

The truly fabulous Xen-Tan – featured at nonstopmama, and whose self-tanning products and pro treatments are loved by beauty insiders and keep the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge glowing – are giving two nonstopmamas a tube of the amazing Scent Secure Gold lotion (worth £26.99 each)!!

Made with 24 K gold leaf (how perfect to end the week on?!), this paraben-free formula moisturises skin and leaves a glimmering hint of golden, sunkissed colour which washes off afterwards.

So, no fake tan streaking worries (or telltale smell!) – just gorgeous, glowing results!

To enter this giveaway, simply:

1. ‘Like’ the NEW nonstopmama Facebook page!

2.  Leave a comment below this post to let me know you’ve done the above!

That’s it!

The winners will be chosen at random by computer (we’ll ask them to email us with the address to which their Xen-Tan Scent Secure Gold should be sent!). Please take a moment to read the giveaway rules here.

This giveaway will close at midday on Friday 3 August, 2012.

All this week, we’ve been running a fab and fun ‘golden’ giveaway, EVERY DAY at nonstopmama – there are more to enter, if you missed them! – and we’ll be drawing them all next week (woop-woop!!).

This giveaway has been promoted on the following websites:

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  1. Emma Weaver says:

    already a fan

  2. jen louise jackson says:

    I have liked

  3. nisha koya says:

    already a fan :)

  4. kim richardson says:

    Also a fan x

  5. Already a fan, lovely giveaway :)xo

  6. Lisa Claire Watkins says:

    Fab prize x

  7. Dee Johnson says:

    A fan already :O)

  8. Justine Hefferin says:

    Would love oto win this

  9. Gemma j brown says:

    already a fan :o)

  10. simone lee says:

    great prize would love to win this as l cant go out in the sun so always white this would make me feel a million good luck to all

  11. Alix Johnson says:

    I’m a Facebook fan:)

  12. hayley says:


  13. Tracey Brotherton says:

    Brilliant prize… Would love some colour, looking very pale at the moment and always feel so much more confident when I have some colour.

  14. Jen keller says:

    Fab, liked the Facebook page x

  15. Rosaleen W says:

    Liked & Shared!

  16. rebecca smith says:

    already a fan :)

  17. Catherine Owen says:

    Already aliker, love this prize :)

  18. Jodie Bruce says:


  19. Rachel Blackburn says:

    already a fan :)

  20. Julie E Henderson says:

    looks fab fab fab

  21. Susan El Carter says:

    I’m already one of your fans. looks great and fab that there isn’t a tell tale scent.

  22. adele knight says:

    Already a fan, great giveaway

  23. Rachael Simmons says:

    Hello, I’m already a fan! Thanks a lot :D

  24. maureen findley says:

    definately a fan

  25. Tracy Nixon says:

    Liking liking liking!!!!

  26. Victoria Riley says:

    Already a fan, have pinned the giveaway too :)

  27. Candida Nichols says:

    Always been a bit scared to try these type of products without supervision If its that easy I wouln’t mind having a go I am a pale english rose at the moment..Liked and shared to all my gold free friends;-D

  28. Cheryl Edwards says:

    Already love Xen Tan but would love to try this

  29. Helen Thurston says:

    this looks gorgeous (am already a facebook fan) x

  30. Luisa Lauren says:

    Already a fan on facebook

  31. Nicole says:

    July 27th

  32. Janice Davison says:

    Already a fan

  33. Allan Smith says:

    Done. Thank you!

  34. Nesrine Chergui says:

    hi I liked your page thanks for this great comp.

  35. kayleigh louise says:

    this looks fab! am a fan xx

  36. Caroline Walsh says:

    Am a lready a fan:)

  37. Beverley Marsh says:

    Liked! Would love to give this a go!

  38. Laura says:

    Already liked :)

  39. heidi wilmot says:

    already a fan…great comp :)

  40. Carrie Nugent says:

    I have liked!!! :-D

  41. Katie Skeoch says:

    liked on fb xx

  42. christine shelley says:

    already a fan

  43. Teresa Hill says:

    Liked – thank you :)

  44. kellyjo walters says:

    already a fan of your fab page :)

  45. Christina Field says:

    liked and shared

  46. Patricia Edwards says:

    Already a fan of your page thanks

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  48. Phil Darling says:

    I’m a liker – cheers guys

  49. Diana Cotter says:

    Already like your FB page.

  50. Heather Magill says:

    Liked your NEW nonstopmama facebook page!

  51. helen battle says:

    done :)

  52. lana leman says:


  53. Angie Allen says:


  54. Claire Power says:

    Already like the Facebook page :) x

  55. Sandra Siddall says:

    liked and loving your amazing giveaway :) thank you x

  56. Joanne Mapp says:

    Already a fan. Great page x

  57. Angela Mckenzie says:

    just what i need :)

  58. Peter Gilby says:

    liked and shared

  59. Kay Adams says:

    Liked you Facebook page,super giveaway!

  60. Lacy Savage says:

    Liked lots on Facebook!

  61. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    looks amazing

  62. Aimee Ryan says:

    Liked :)! x

  63. Nellie Coleddells says:

    Already Liked xxx

  64. Caroline Clarke says:

    Liked your new facebook page!

  65. Isabel O'Brien says:

    I already like your page! :)

  66. sarah sakimoto says:


  67. pj jones says:

    love this product

  68. joanne pollak says:


  69. kristy brown says:

    All done x

  70. Miranda Holman says:

    Liked :)

  71. Amy Gallagher says:

    Liked your Facebook page. I can see it being one I visit often!

  72. Astrid James says:

    Already a liker:)

  73. jenni thorpe says:

    am already a facebook liker :-)

  74. Jen Rogers says:


  75. Karen R says:


  76. angela sandhu says:

    have liked x

  77. Kirsty Hall says:

    already liked

  78. Dawn Adams says:

    Liked. Good luck all. x

  79. Delwen Johnson says:

    liked on fb

  80. Sarah Hay says:

    Liked on fb

  81. claire fawkner says:


  82. jackie curran says:

    already liked

  83. Hilda Hazel Wright says:

    Hi, Thanks for the competition, I already like your facebook page!

  84. claire woods says:

    done as clairesamuel

  85. Sarah A Fawcett says:

    Already an FB liker ;)

  86. Kelly Young says:

    Liked (my facebook – Kelly Yung)

  87. Debby Brown says:

    Liked the Facebook page ages ago – another nice little giveaway

  88. Lynne OConnor says:

    liked x

  89. Alexandra McGahey says:

    Already like your new Facebook page :)

  90. siobhan marie says:

    done xx

  91. Cherryl Thomas says:


  92. Liz smith says:

    Me please M!!

  93. jessica newman says:

    done :)

  94. Esther Dalzell says:

    liked..and would love to win! :-)

  95. Ive been looking for the perfect tan forever, this may just be it! Liked nonstopmama page, please please please be me ♥

  96. sarah sakimoto says:


  97. kara veale says:

    Liked ur page and love, big fan of xen tan x

  98. Rachael Loveday says:

    Liked and shared

  99. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    Gorgeous product – would love to try this. Gives such a natural looking glow :-)

  100. Laura Finch says:

    Very nice product xx

  101. Avril says:

    Would love to try this



  103. Tanya says:

    liked and comments

  104. Valerie Hartley says:

    I have liked the NEW nonstopmama Facebook page!

  105. Gemma Tranter says:

    Have liked :-)

  106. Katrina Wakelin says:

    Have already liked

  107. Vivien Baird says:

    Already liked, Thank you

  108. Al MacInnes says:

    Have liked

  109. Sarah-Jane Laycock says:

    Liked on FB x

  110. Claire Smith says:

    Already Liked as Claire M. Smith – great giveaway!!!

  111. deedee says:

    already a fan

  112. Julie Kenny says:

    liked – -what a wonderful prize, thanks for the chance to win :-) xxx

  113. Jay Scales says:

    I’ve already liked :)

  114. JoC says:

    Liked x

  115. Lucy Taylor says:

    Thanks for the giveaway have liked on FB xx

  116. Lynn Blakeman says:

    Already a fan

  117. Helen says:

    Liked xx

  118. margaret welsh says:

    liked,looking good xxxx

  119. Claire Butler says:

    already a FB liker

  120. Hannah Beadle says:

    I have liked your facebook page x

  121. Jacqui S says:

    Liked on FB

  122. Sharon Arnott says:

    A great giveaway thank you :)

  123. ursula mcgonigle says:

    No fake tan streaking worries…… Whoopee this would be fab as I constant have streaky legs….

    Already a HUGE FAN….. x

  124. Leanne Lunn says:

    Oh lovely already like your page

  125. Victoria Riley says:

    Liked on FB

  126. SUE HALL says:

    Wow. This looks amazing and I would feel like a Goddess wearing this. Thank you x

  127. sharon gutteridge woodruff says:

    oooooooooooo fab, would loveeeeeee to try this…. im liking your facebook page, and sharing your comp post

    xxx thanks hun xxx

  128. Helen Grayson says:

    I’ve liked the page. Liked and shared the post too :) xxx

  129. Chris Turner says:

    Fabulous – especially in the non-summer of 2012 !!

  130. Gina Raymond says:

    Liked and shared on FB! Cheers for the comp! :)

  131. Patricia Whittaker says:

    This product looks really special. Would love to try.

  132. claire SLATER says:

    Facebook paged is liked.

  133. susan luckie says:

    Sounds like a great product

  134. Lynne OConnor says:

    Already liked on FB x

  135. Pauline Appleton says:

    Already a liker on facebook x

  136. Caroline H says:

    Liked! Loving the idea of this – my skin is grey this summer!

  137. Keeley Atkinson says:

    Liked your fb page, also left a comment. If its anything like the fake tan range, then it’ll be super stuff.
    In fact, I think I’m gonna go check out some reviews and price it up. Once the baby doesn’t mind being put down lol, this one handed typing lark is hard!

  138. Sharon V. says:

    Like :)

  139. Julie Davies says:

    Already a follower

  140. Lou Chambers says:

    Liked your new page :-)

  141. KIERAN WALSH says:

    Evening, have you saved the best till last?allready a follower on facebook, liked and shared, thanks

  142. jessica newman says:

    liked :)

  143. Emma Speers says:

    Loving all the giveaways on your facebook page! I need a little help where beauty is concerned! x

  144. wayne says:


  145. Sam B says:

    Liked! x

  146. Shelley Jessup says:

    I’m already a liker of your Facebook page – thanks for all your fab competitions x

  147. Mel says:

    Liked and forwarded to friends! Great giveaway! x

  148. lucy osborne says:

    already aliker of your fab page

  149. Kirstie Vaughan says:

    Done xx

  150. Silvia says:


  151. kerry Locke says:

    Liking – Great Facebook Page Guys x

  152. Anne Nash says:

    Liked and sharing

  153. Rachael ozimek says:

    Liked :)

  154. Sarah Bull says:

    What a great prize! I don’t tan very easily so I would take this on holiday, use it then fool everyone with how golden I look when I get home!

  155. Rebecca Murkin says:


  156. Nicky Benton says:

    have liked

  157. Debby Brown says:

    Am already a Facebook fan – another nice giveaway prize so fingers crossed here

  158. alison reid says:

    liked on Facebook, fab prize

  159. Dee Dmonte says:

    Done :)

  160. Helen Grayson says:

    I’ve liked the page :) xxx

  161. Becky neary says:

    i’ve liked your lovely page

  162. Ali Thorpe says:

    Already a fan on Facebook. My legs are desperate for a tan, thanks to the lack of sun this year!

  163. linda jefferson says:

    loving , liking and sharing your fab give-away xx

  164. kim mayhead says:

    I love your facebook page xx

  165. Barbara Bunning says:

    Done it x

  166. Elizabeth Sellers says:

    Great Giveaway! Liked & Shared on Facebook. :0)

  167. Amanda Johnson says:

    I have liked x x x

  168. Sarah says:

    Already liked the page x

  169. Jayne K says:

    liked you on Facebook

  170. kerry shaw says:

    done lovley thanks

  171. russ says:


  172. carol wilson says:

    liked the page, and sharing with friends

  173. katie wright says:

    All done :0)

  174. Lyn Bosomworth says:

    great comp

  175. PETER ROBERTS says:

    liked and shared with friends

  176. olivia kirby says:

    like on facebook xx

  177. rennene hartland says:

    Liked :-)

  178. maggie goodwin says:

    all done thankyou

  179. Emma J Lowe says:

    already a facebook liker

  180. Miss J Healey says:

    wow would love this for my holiday in august! looks fab!

  181. Diana Cotter says:

    Already like your FB page :)

  182. Beth Bowdler says:


  183. alana grocutt says:

    Done :D

  184. Hannah Whitling says:

    Already liking on facebook

  185. michaela britton says:

    liker on facebook

  186. Miranda Holman says:

    Already a fan on Facebook :)

  187. Craig Havery says:

    liked and shared

  188. Susan D Law says:

    liked and shared with my friends x

  189. sue walsh says:

    liked your great page on FB & shared with friends another fab giveaway Mama<3

  190. lisa tebbutt says:


  191. Francesca Light-Wilson says:

    I’ve liked your Facebook page :-)

  192. teresa nichols says:

    I have liked and shared great comp xx

  193. claire hooper says:

    liked xx

  194. Kirsty Norton says:

    I’ve liked on Facebook! I need a golden glow, bored of being pale!

  195. Tina Holmes says:

    Already a liker x

  196. Susanna Callaghan says:

    Oh yes! I like your page and I like this golden goodie

  197. madeline connolly says:

    i wath this one

  198. Linda Williams says:

    Already liked :)

  199. Corinne Faulkner says:

    Already a liker of your lovely page – WOW WOW WOW I’d love to try this !!

  200. amanda pickering says:

    liked on facebook

  201. Laura Burns says:


  202. Hayley Emma Green says:

    Already a fan :) x

  203. Sharon Bellwood says:

    Already Liking your page xx

  204. jacqueline says:

    <3 this & already am a fan of your fb page :-)

  205. Jen Bell says:

    Already liking/loving your page :)


    great site , great giveaways :)

  207. Sylvia Paul says:

    Have just liked, fab giveaway.

  208. Jackie Foster says:

    Liking your page x

  209. Steph Armstrong says:

    Liked – what a great giveaway – thanks

  210. clare davies says:

    liking and loving on facebook! x

  211. siobhan marie says:

    done x

  212. Emma Jackson says:

    Liked liked liked!!!! :D

  213. bobby says:

    done done done :)

  214. Jill Mann says:

    I am a fan, thanks for the fab giveaway x

  215. Lorraine folbigg says:


  216. Maria Messruther says:

    I like it and love it x

  217. Jo Bryan says:

    Liked on FB as Jo Bryan, fab prize

  218. Natalie Cross says:

    Facebook page already liked, and loved ;) :)

  219. Alex says:

    ♥ liked on facebook ♥

  220. Jane Adair says:

    Already a BIG fan x

  221. liked and would love to win and look good :)

  222. tracey king says:

    would love to try this x

  223. Susan Ocock says:

    Done x

  224. Angela Morgan says:

    already liked on facebook

  225. Sameera says:

    Already liked

  226. laura says:

    already a fan…..

  227. Fingers crossed, fab prize <3

  228. rachel Hunphries says:

    Already liked your facebook page – What a gorgeous glam prize

  229. Sharon Hingley says:

    Already liking x

  230. Sue Hunt says:

    Already a liker, likely to become a stalker :)

  231. Phyllis Ellett says:

    Already like the facebook page

  232. Sheila Reeves says:

    liked on fb

  233. Kerry Robertson says:

    have liked on facebook

  234. Irene Murdoch says:


  235. Candida Nichols says:

    Liked shared and definitely the golden look I need… More like rusty coloured in our English summer..Love England though!;-)

  236. Liam Stephens says:

    Liked :)

  237. Karen Barrett says:

    I like the NEW nonstopmama Facebook page!
    Karen Barrett

  238. Alison Campbell says:

    Now that the sun is extinct, just what’s needed . Fab prize thank you.

  239. Donna Lawton says:

    Already liked you. :-) x

  240. Benji Collier says:

    Liked! (I am i the only male here?)

  241. Hayley Fountain says:

    already following on fb x

  242. Lois says:

    Already liked and a sucker for fake tan

  243. Alice Hindley says:

    I have‘Liked’ the NEW nonstopmama Facebook page!

  244. Alison says:

    Already a liker on Facebook

  245. Heather Haigh says:

    Liker. :)

  246. fiona waterworth says:


  247. Honora Livesey says:

    Another great giveaway. Already a fan and loving the gold themed week.

  248. carol wilson says:

    already liked. great giveaway and fab products

  249. Andrea Morton says:


  250. Stu W says:


  251. Kirstie Vaughan says:

    done x

  252. Gemma Clark says:

    fantastic, already a fan on facebook. thankyou :)

  253. Cassie Bedford says:

    liked on fb
    cassandra bedford

  254. Ali Louise Clifford says:

    have like the facebook page<3

  255. Debbie Louise Davies says:

    Have liked your fb page! xx

  256. Julie Whitehead says:

    Already a liker. Thanks for the chance to win x

  257. Amanda Moss says:


  258. lyn burgess says:


  259. Marie Rickard says:

    Liked and shared it! Good luck all x

  260. Hazel Rush says:

    Already like the page!

  261. Claire Trevor says:

    I already like the fb page:)

  262. Christina says:

    Liked and thanks

  263. katherine grieve says:

    Im a fb fan xx

  264. TRACY HAYES says:


  265. Yvonne Crook says:

    Already like

  266. kayleigh louise says:

    liker x

  267. Rachael M says:

    All done

  268. Julie Picton says:

    Liked on facebook

  269. Maria Jane Knight says:

    Already a liker on Facebook :)

  270. c tindale says:

    liked already!!!!

  271. Karen Colbeck says:

    liked on facebook

  272. Kerry Kilmister says:

    already liked! xxx

  273. kerry lynn says:

    Hi there, I’m an existing ‘liker’! Such a glam prize! x

  274. Michelle Williams says:

    already a follower

  275. Samantha Ripley says:

    following on facebook :)

  276. EMMA CELLA says:

    already liked. great giveaway and fab products

  277. Alison Turner says:

    Have liked on facebook :)

  278. Nicola Reynolds says:

    I’m a fan of the Facebook page!

  279. Paul Witney says:

    Already a fan

  280. margaret scott says:

    I’m a liker

  281. alex fowler says:

    im a fan on facebook

  282. Elizabeth Smith says:

    I’m liking

  283. sherri louise fordham says:

    ღ✿ LIKED ღ✿

  284. claire thomson says:

    already a fan :)

  285. Helen B says:

    I have liked

  286. Keith says:

    liked facebook stan theman


    big fan,:)

  288. Paul Stevens says:

    already a nonstopmama! fan on facebook x

  289. Stephen Little says:


  290. Rachel Hartwell says:


  291. Angela Mckenzie says:

    all done x

  292. Lauren Main says:

    Lauren Main

  293. jane steels says:


  294. Kelly Hooper says:

    already a liker

  295. sj wesley says:

    Liked on Facebook – SJ Wesley

  296. Fee Lynne Edwards says:

    All done!

  297. amanda pickering says:

    done fingers crossed

  298. Emily Fraser says:

    Have liked! :)

  299. Elizabeth yeates says:

    liked on facebook! Very exciting!

  300. Paula Phillips says:

    I like the page on facebook

  301. Sam B says:

    Already like. Like again!

  302. melanie smith says:

    have liked on face book ;o) sounds great xx

  303. gemma nisbet says:

    Liked on facebook now fingers crossed

  304. liked on facebook, would love this!!!

  305. Lindsey Dudgeon says:

    liked on Facebook x

  306. helen newton says:

    Loving x x x

  307. Sarah Mills says:


  308. rik says:

    Already like. Like again!

  309. rachael jones mann says:

    done xx

  310. shelly hollorn says:


  311. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    I’ve liked on FB

  312. Toyah Rusby says:

    Done! x

  313. Janine Atkin says:

    im already a liker on facebook :)

  314. sue willshee says:

    already a facebook liker :-)

  315. olivia kirby says:

    Fab!! like on FB xx

  316. Benji Collier says:

    Liked – my girlfriend made me enter this, she’s very bossy!

  317. Angie Hoggett says:

    already liked!

  318. Joanna Sawka says:

    already liked!

  319. Eleanor Powell says:

    already liked!

  320. Lesley Bain says:

    already liking on fb, and loving your giveaways thank you! x

  321. Anna Coyle says:

    I have liked on fb :D

  322. stephanie Llewellyn says:

    liked and shared love the giveaways

  323. Elisabeth Barnwell says:


  324. Hayley ball says:

    Liked :-D

  325. claire little says:

    liked on facebook :)

  326. Gary says:

    Already a fan on FB :)

  327. tina marie mckenna says:

    great prize

  328. Sue Robinson says:

    I am a facebook fan x

  329. Amanda Rose says:

    Liked on Facebook

  330. Andrea K says:


  331. Soraya Rodrigues says:

    Would like to win , liked ,looks fabulous.

  332. Cathryn Bowen says:

    liked on fb

  333. cathyj says:

    liked on fb

  334. Jackie ONeill says:

    liked on FB

  335. Hayley Payton says:

    liked on facebook x

  336. natalee gosiewski says:

    its all done

  337. Sarah Woodward says:

    Done. x

  338. robin wilson says:

    all done thx for competition

  339. Kim Lam says:


  340. sarah says:

    Already a fan :D

  341. Clare Parker says:

    Same here already a fan xx

  342. becky fahy says:

    Liked and shared on fb x

  343. Susan Harrison says:

    Already a liker :)

  344. Jodie Bruce says:

    Liked x

  345. Isabel Marie Baker says:

    What a Fabulous Prize…Liked & shared….Good Luck everyone : )

  346. Heather Gameson says:

    Great giveaway, like very much

  347. Isabel Marie Baker says:

    Forgot to mention i have liked your new page : )

  348. alana grocutt says:

    done :)

  349. Sarah H says:

    Fab giveaway, thank you. Liked your Facebook page x

  350. Louise Paul says:

    fab fab fab comp!! :)

  351. Sameera says:

    Fan giveaway

  352. samantha rae says:

    liked and love your page, great prize

  353. Sameera says:

    Fab giveaway

  354. jo says:

    liked on facebook, please let me win

  355. kelly ward says:

    I LIKE!

  356. lorraine stone says:

    Already a fan on Facebook ~~~ loving the new page.~~

  357. jonathan reed says:

    i like the page. ty for the competition

  358. lorraine polley says:

    i liked the facebook page, nice giveaway

  359. Rebecca Saunders says:


  360. LORAINE says:


  361. Hannah Summers says:


  362. sarah gray says:

    lovely. liked. x

  363. Janet Kam says:

    Already a fan

  364. Melanie Gardiner says:

    done :)

  365. Kirsten Murphy says:

    Have liked!
    This has been the best day of the Olympics yet!!
    Kirsten x

  366. Susan Ocock says:

    Already a fan on facebook.

  367. Emma Jackson says:

    Already Liked! xx

  368. Dawn C says:

    done thanks x

  369. PAT ASHBRIDGE says:

    Have done everything..and liked ans shared..Thank you

  370. sarah warren says:

    looks a fantastic product, FB page liked, thank you

  371. Emma Brady says:


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