Small wonder

build-a-bear smallfrys rangeThe Build-A-Bear Worshop has been Grandparent-tested by nonstopmama. We should have some sort of stamp for that – like the ‘Grandchildren On Board’ car sign we spotted this week – to say a shop has succeeded in helping VIGs (Very Important Grandmas/Grandads/both) navigate a busy toy department.

Being faced by an array of furry friends, noise or noise options and endless outfit combinations is enough to send any well-meaning eighty-something running for the hills (or the calm of the nearest M&S Café). But, not only did the store in question rise to the challenge, they made the experience great fun and the giving of the gift they wanted to be involved in choosing more meaningful (we did call ahead – totally anonymously – to ask if they’d offer help where needed).

When nonstopmama was “officially” invited to visit Build-A-Bear, we met a larger-than-life ‘Bearamy’, the store mascot, “in the fur”, so to speak. Apparently, he’s a popular feature at Build-A-Bear parties and was a hit with our little visitors. At the other extreme, the store’s latest launch is a range of build-a-bear smallfrys (pictured – in nonstopmama pink, of course), a limited collection of cute, pint-sized versions of the classic bears. There are eight to choose from (at £10 each, but without clothes. These, and a range of accessories, are sold separately. Available now at branches of Build-A-Bear Workshop and online at

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