The best eyeliners to do smoky eyes with

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Kayal Liner in Jade


I’ve been experimenting with some of the new kohl eyeliners for autumn.

While fashionable flicks are a big trend this season, I’ve just been trying the new pencils to get a touch of definition along the upper outer eyelid, and then smudging it, so I need one that’s just soft enough but not so squidgy that it makes it too hard to control.

Enter Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Kajal Liner (£18), above, in (surprise!), Jade, which I absolutely love because, like brown, it’s softer and easier to wear than black but a bit different.

On the lid, you’d be hard pressed to recognise is as green, it’s just a lovely, smokey hue that’s perfect if, like me, your jet black eyeliner days are behind you and you need something more subtle.

Crucially, too, it comes with a great ‘smudger’ tip, for easy, foolproof blending.

My other find is the new Clarins Crayon Kohl (£17) in Intense Brown, which isn’t quite as soft as the Bobbi pencil but would, for that reason, probably be better if you want a more precise line rather than a smoked-out effect (you could get a very fine line close to the lashes with this one).

Clarins Khol Pencil

You also get a natural hair brush at the other end, rather than the ‘smudger’, with this one.

For me, of these two new additions, the Bobbi pencil comes out tops purely because I prefer a softer, more foolproof liner (and I love the smudger tip).

I’ll be covering more options (for all budgets) over the coming weeks, especially in the run-up to the party season!

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