WIN the NEW Zaggora HotPants 2.0 with Zaggora and nonstopmama!

This giveaway has now closed, and the winner is Stacey Guilliat – big congrats to her, and thanks to ALL who took part!! Many more lovely giveaways still open and lots more to come at nonstopmama!

I’m so, so, SO excited about this one, because I KNOW how many nonstopmamas ♥ ♥ ♥ Zaggora HotPants!!

We had such a fantastic response to our first Zaggora post and giveaway and I’m thrilled to say Zaggora are offering nonstopmamas the opportunity to win a pair of the NEW HotPants 2.0!!

They’re made with a lighter weight fabric which feels softer but is actually stronger – I’ve tried them, and they do feel super-comfy and more form-fitting – very slick!!.

The new Zaggora HotPants 2.0 boast the same heat-generating technology which naturally increases the body’s core temperature during exercise, increasing energy expenditure and boosting the effects of any workout (talk about how to turbo-charge the school run in September!!).

In sleek, classic Black, Zaggora 2.0 HotPants come in a choice of Short (£45), below-the-knee Long (£55) and full Capri (£65) length …

I’m delighted to say we’ve got one pair of super-versatile Long Zaggora Hotpants 2.0 to give away, to a nonstopmama who can’t wait to take them through their paces (in a choice of six sizes).

Ready, get set – entering is easy!! Just:

To enter this giveaway, simply:

1. ‘Like’ the NEW nonstopmama Facebook page!

2.  Leave a comment below this post to let me know you’ve done the above!

That’s it!!

The winners will be chosen at random by computer (we’ll ask them to email us with the address to which their Zaggora HotPants 2.0 should be sent, and which size they’d like!). Please take a moment to read the giveaway rules here.

This giveaway will close at midnight on Saturday, 29 September, 2012.

More info on the Zaggora, to locate stockists or to order online here. You can also stay up to date with Zaggora on Facebook and Twitter!

This giveaway has been promoted on the following websites:

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    Liked the FB page – I love the long ones, great for cycling

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    would love these

  6. Amanda Moss says:

    already a liker, GOOD LUCK EV1 x

  7. rebecca jackson-makin says:

    these must be amazing i brought the original ones and they are so good! liker xx

  8. tracey king says:

    would love love love a pair of these pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x

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    Already like your fb page :D

  10. Joanne Mapp says:

    Already a fan. Great giveaway x

  11. Angela Mckenzie says:

    All Done x

  12. Lynette Collins says:

    Already a liker, my sister has a pair of these bad boys, she is 3lbs off a 2 stone loss since march, regular exercise and smaller portions!!! I want some loss too!! Boooooooo! :) xx

  13. Lorraine Partyn says:

    Already liking your FB page. Would love to win a pair of these for the gym.

  14. nicky davies says:

    would like to win a pair of these for the better half :-)

  15. Ginger says:

    Already a fan on facebook, and I LOVE HotPants!

  16. Fiona says:

    Liked and love them, they would be perfect for my daughter who plans on being the next Ennis :)

  17. Sarah says:

    Already a fan of NSM : )
    I keep reading about these! My sister just got a pair so I can’t wait to see how they work!

  18. Rachel T. says:

    I liked the NEW nonstopmama page on facebook! Would <3 to have a pair of HotPants!

  19. samantha rae says:

    liked and love

  20. Ruth Gee says:

    Already liker !!!! Shared with friends on my wall also…xxx

  21. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Another great giveaway – fingers crossed

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    Already a fan on facebook. I would really a love a pair of these pants.

  23. Jenny Mason says:

    Liked ^.^

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    Already like you!!!

  25. tracey says:

    liked your page and really hope i win these as wanted a pair for ages as my bestie has a pair and she loves em x

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    I like you on facebook

  27. Lucy Taylor says:

    already a fan. Good luck all, this is a fab prize x

  28. Anna Maria says:

    Would love to win a pair, heard lots about them!

  29. Mel Butcher says:

    I’m already a liker of your fb page. Thank you for the chance to win such a fantastic prize.

  30. Helen Thurston says:

    Have liked and shared – fab prize, would love the chance to try a pair. xx

  31. Tracy Nixon says:

    ♥ (>’.”.’<) ♥

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    Just the pants I need for my Body Jam classes Shared liked and generally chatted about size 14 would be ideal thank you ;-)

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    Please enter me ive been liking for ages! xx

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    great for the wife.. thanks

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    Done all…

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    On FB as Shaynie Bell

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    am a fan! fab giveaway x

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    I’ve liked you :)

    And I could REALLY use those hot pants!

    Thank you :)

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    already liked. x would be fab with my new diet regime x

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    already a fan,go go go nonstopmamma………..x

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    liked and shared and would just love the new style pants as I have worn out my old style pair.

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  70. Olivia B says:

    Already been a fan on facebook for some time, would absolutely love to try these bad boys out and see the effects! x

  71. Olivia B says:

    Already been a fan on facebook for some time.. Would absolutely love to try these bad boys out and see the effects! x

  72. Tanya Haywood says:

    Liked :)

  73. Alix Johnson says:

    Already a fan too:)

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    Already a liker of your fb page, wpould absolutely love to try these! x

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    I’m already a fan and would love a pair of these for running in.

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    Great product

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    Already a fan. Would love to win to give me a boot up the bottom to start a fitness weightloss regime.

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  93. siobhan marie says:

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    Liked, I love these, gab giveaway! :)

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    liked (trying to win for the wife!!)

  97. Richard Gallagher says:

    liked (trying to win for the wife as she wants a pair!)

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    I have liked the page. Am keeping everything crossed!

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    They jus look soooooo comfy love them xxxx

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    Love your page …recently lost 3 stone and am going to take up Zumba so these would be perfect !!

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    Hi, I have loved your page on facebook for ages :-) Would love to win this!!!

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    Love them,might get me to the Gym wearing these!!

  128. Trudi jerome says:

    Love them

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    fantastic giveaway, just what i need x

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    As a fitness fanatic I cant wait to try these!

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    liked on facebook cool

  139. Keilia says:

    Fab prize :)

  140. nicky hawley says:

    have already liked your page on facebook, would love a pair of the Zaggora Hotpants to help with my weight loss

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    Great, these are just what I could do with!

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    Thanks for the competition! I already like your facebook page.

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    Love these!! Liked and shared on facebook :D

  144. simone lee says:

    would love to win these my daughter claimed my ones as they were a bit small so l need XL more work than l thought so please enter me for these fantastic zaggoras they look the bizz

  145. Debbie Gillespie says:

    Thanks for this giveaway. I already like your facebook page x

  146. Farrah Gray says:

    I NEED these pants in my life!

    Liked the facebook page.

    LOVE having your newsletter in my inbox too!



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    liked the page & loving the hotpants, fingers crossed =)

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  150. all done liked and shared your page already a fan fingers crossed xx

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    id love a pair of these especially the capri ones

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    great site x x x x x

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    ive already liked your facebook page and i love the idea of these too thanks for your lovely comps x

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    oh wow love your facebook page been a liker for ages i just love these ther so fab :) thankyou

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    Already LOVE your page and would Love to win these, just as much xx FAB Give away !!

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    I would just love to try these Zaggora Hot pants,Wonderful prize,love to get my lower half in shape

  201. Wonerful prize,would love to get my lower half in shape with these,so really do work i heard

  202. Mandy Wan says:

    Already a fan of your fab pagex

  203. Deirdre O Brien says:

    Wonderful giveaway.Id love to have these Hotpants to get my lower half in shape

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    liked page and would love to win

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  311. Teresa Sweet says:

    I would be THRILLED to have the opportunity to win these! I’ve been eyeing these for a while but hubby can’t justify the price but I’m still hoping with all hopes that I can have a pair one day. lol As a SAHM mom of three little ones, and a small business owner, I’m finally taking the time for ME by working out 3-4 days a week (kickboxing and hopefully running soon) and would love to give these a shot! I’ve liked your page on FB. :)

  312. L Rattue says:

    Liked on Facebook! :) Really nice page, thanks!

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  316. nonstopmama says:

    Hi Teresa – wishing you all the v v best with your business, the general juggle and new fitness regime plan!! Thanks so much for commenting and hope you continue to enjoy nonstopmama!! :) Jen

  317. amy says:

    liked on facebook very yummy pants!

  318. Vicky Cockett says:

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  319. Ellie Jacobs says:

    I am already a fan of your fab page (have been for ages) Entering again to win these fab hotpants xx

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    Would really love to win these.

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  331. Joanne healey says:

    I so want to win these, i have 5 kids and cannot shift the belly, ive got a sit up bar, an ab belt and nothings shifted that belly roll..oh is convinced im a secret eater..if these work i would be in Heaven! x

  332. Rebekah Powley says:

    I’d love to give these a try! Ive got a few pounds to lose around my bum so these would be ideal! X

  333. Jill Frances Garratt says:

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    Allready like your page! fingers and toes crossed i win really want some!

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    Already liked your page,Im desperate to own a pair of these
    Thanks for the competition

  342. Katrina Wakelin says:

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    Already a facebook liker, thanks for the comp would love a pair of these for my ‘thunder thighs’.

  344. Sue Harrison says:

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  347. nonstopmama says:

    Oh my word, full of admiration!! Every mama needs a few fashion tricks up her sleeve to help, too, agreed!! :)

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  353. jennie jackson says:

    I would love to try a pair

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    already a fan of the page :)

    would like to win these for the missus please ;)

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  357. Natalie White says:

    Already a liker :)

  358. Amanda Moss says:

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  373. amanda pickering says:

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  374. sarah pearce says:

    already liking you on facebook,S Pearce Mse

  375. Cheryl Kean says:

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  380. Kim says:

    Would love to try these and tone up

  381. Colin Gault says:

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    Liked ages ago ;) xoxo

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    heard so much about these, liking on facbook :)

  462. Karen Donald says:

    Liked on facebook – Karen MSE Donald

  463. ANGELA BOND says:


  464. Fiona says:

    Liked and Shared on Facebook, Followed and Tweeted on Twitter, Excellent Prize! Definately needed!

  465. Pauline Dring says:

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  466. Natelle Arnold says:

    Natelle Nuttynel Arnold on fb fingers crossed xxx

  467. Agata P says:

    Fantastic giveaway!
    Would love to try Zaggora pants

    Ofc I am fan on FB

  468. Phillippa Russell says:

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  469. Sarah Hodge says:

    Already a fan!!

  470. Phillippa Russell says:

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  481. Becky neary says:


  482. LORAINE says:


  483. Becky neary says:

    love to enter

  484. sarah gray says:

    i love these – im a bit into my fitness at the moment – first time in my life – im 36! these would be fabulous. x

  485. Hannah Whitling says:

    Already liking

  486. valerie myburgh says:

    Liked already!

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