Weekend links

Weekend Links

Happy Friday, everyone!!

I hope you’ve had a great week, even if it’s flown and you didn’t get to do all your to do’s (or is that just me?! Please say it isn’t, if just to make me feel better).

Just a few little things that have caught my eye online this week (because it’s been a crazy day, and I have a few more things to do, yikes!!) …

•  This Mom Trends video, Fabulous Herbal Teas For Moms, reminded me that I really should get into replacing my morning gallon of coffee with at least one mug of super-healthy green tea and winding down with a soothing herbal tea before bedtime (how about you?!).

Mom Trends You Tube

And to try making my own iced tea, because I love it (although, I don’t think Nicole means the caffeinated sort. I knew there’d be a catch).

•  I’m excited that Shauna Niequist, has written a new book, Savor (she wrote about it this week on her great blog!).

Shauna Niequist Savor

I LOVED Shauna’s last book, Bread & Wine, and how she writes about her faith, family and food.

• Back to videos: I think that the latest clip from Caroline Hirons deserves an award for the ‘Best Intro To A Beauty Video Ever’.

It’s so funny, and I’m so glad she kept it in and didn’t edit it. Caroline, a beauty editor, expert and now vlogger is a true pro and her videos are always super-informative (this girl knows her beauty oignons).

•  Have you heard about U2 releasing their new album, Songs Of Innocence, free to all iTunes customers? I’ve only caught one song so far, California, which I loved when Will played it in the car today and made me guess who it was from the intro. I said The Beach Boys (which make sense when you hear it!). More about the whole thing here at Rolling Stone!

•  Lastly, cheating a bit because this isn’t a link as such, but it’s just SO lovely and I had to share it here – our winner’s tweet about receiving her Balance Me giveaway prize!

Hi, I received my prize today. Thank you so much. Just in time for some weekend pampering!”

Balance Me goodies

Thanks SO much fore sharing that, Lola!

A lovely NEW giveaway coming on Monday, too!

Until then, wishing you a wonderful weekend!

(Photo top of post taken last night, at an event to celebrate the launch of St Swithun’s church, Bournemouth. How amazing are those LOVE lights?!).

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Jewel autumn 2014 nail trend: it’s all in the diamond dust!

Fun new autumn 2014 nail trends!

Thursday afternoons are made for taking exceptionally silly snaps of review nail colours, aren’t they?!

Since pushing any long-lasting mani to the limit by doing some (much overdue) gardening stuff last night and not being able to find my trusty flowery gloves for the job, it was time to change-up from Monday’s neutral shimmer and dip into one of the new Models Own Diamond Luxe colours for you to check out!

Any excuse!!

I instagrammed them as soon as they came in on Monday …

Models Own Diamond Luxe Autumn 2014 nail polishes

So, this is the Pear Purple!

With diamond dust for a ‘multi-dimensional sparkle’, these make for lovely autumn-transitional nails as the jewel colours really ‘pop’ but not in mad-bright neon way.

The Emerald Green is super-pretty too, and the Marquise Maroon has Christmas parties written all over it (there are 10 shades in total and they launch 19 September online, at Superdrug on the 24).

In gold, of course (aren’t you loving the lids?!).

 photo JenSignatureforposts_zps3774d4df.png

Barnardo’s launch The Nation’s Fridge Door campaign

Barnardo's The Nation's Fridge campaign

Ours could best be described as ‘eclectic’ (in fact, this is the most orderly bit. It gets worse the further you move down).

That snow globe you can see, sticking out? It stopped ‘snowing’ years ago. But I can’t bear to throw it out.

And I’m a TOTAL sucker for a theme park ride fridge magnet.

Will goes crazy about the fact that he can’t walk past without sending some random, novelty fridge magnet flying (‘I’ll organise it better!’ I keep saying).

When Barnardo’s asked if I’d shout out The Nation’s Fridge Door campaign, I had to blog about such a lovely idea.

You ‘pin’ your fave family photo/drawing/school certificate to the virtual fridge door (where they’re displayed for everyone to see) and Barnardo’s will even choose some to make into posters for their shops.

The idea is to raise awareness of the children throughout the UK who don’t receive this sort of support, encouragement and record of their achievements, which the charity reaches out to.

There is no donation required and you can add as many pics as you like throughout September. The idea is simply to get the word out there and share the campaign (and your own ‘magnet’!) on Facebook, Twitter or email with your family and friends!

See the magnets and maybe add yours here!

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Ringing the changes with CND Shellac and Vinylux nails!

CND/Shellac Nails

It was the CND Shellac pedi I had back in the spring during our Center Parcs break that converted me to Shellac nails.

This salon-only pedi is guaranteed for 14 days but I pushed it to over a month by fixing the odd chip with the matching CND Vinylux polish (£8.95, which you can apply at home and promises one week’s wear).

I’m now totally won over by the Shellac pedi – in fact, I just get the polish done which costs £12 at my local salon, and £3 to remove the old Shellac.

Cheaper and faster than a full pedi, and a low maintenance way to keep toes pretty and polished!

But, for my fingers, I like to ring the changes more often (and I NEED to, for research!!).

After a summer of brights, today I’ve gone for the Vinylux polish in Powder My Nose, a barely-there, milky cream …

CND Vinylux Powder My Nose

But I’ve still got the hot coral Tropix on my toes – with a dash of silver ‘Rock Star’ glitter (extra for the Shellac treatment. Impossible to resist!).

I’m not ready to wave off summer 2014 JUST yet – are you?!!

Check out the fun – and the just-in autumn/winter colours, a few of which you can see sprinkled in the mix in my snap, top of post - and find your nearest salon here!

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Weekend links

Day trip to Bruges, Belgium

This marks a new, regular Friday feature – I love reading them on some of my favourite blogs so here goes with the first nonstopmama contribution to sharing the online love from the week!

•  I’ve more than a little fallen in love with Mango, and the funniest thing is I discovered this Spanish fashion label – as in, actually went into a store – in Bruges of all places last week (above, we made a day trip over to Belgium part of our return journey on holiday before crawling onto the Eurotunnel after all that driving!).


Oh, the bags, the jewellery, and can I just mention the ridiculously amazing sale that’s on the website right now? Sorry. It wouldn’t be fair not to share …

•  Beauty-wise, BIG congrats to one of my favourite mama and style bloggers (and an award-scooping filmmaker, btw), Vicki of Honest Mum, on her You Tube beauty vlogger debut! One talented mama on both sides of the camera!

Vicki of Honest Mum on You Tube

•  And I’m loving this on doing a strong lip with a ‘bare’ (but not exactly!) face at Cupcakes & Cashmere!

FANTASTIC tips and Emily’s Before and After pics really show what a difference those additional make-up steps can make!

Cupcakes and Cashmere, Emily

•  On the home front, I found Why It’s Worth It To Take One Microscopic Step Forward by The Nester hugely encouraging, reassuring and inspiring. If, like me, you’re driving yourself nuts over the time it takes to get a home project sorted – because life takes over! – don’t miss it!

Photo from The Nester blog

•  And thinking of back-to-school week and organisation in general, I’m going to take a tip from Gretchen Rubin – whose work I love! – and try fitting in a weekly Power Hour (this absolutely links in with the previous link!).

Talk about how such small, simple actions can make ALL the difference in overcoming that nagging, energy draining niggle!

I love that Gretchen lists ‘Move pretend kitchen’ as one of her Power Hour hot spots, and I can totally relate to the ‘Make A Photo Album Of Our Summer Vacation’.

Except I need to go back a few summers!

See you on Monday, I hope you have a FAB weekend!!

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